Limited edition Dragon Fire Wings are coming to Buffalo Wild Wings


Are you brave enough for the mother of all sauces? Limited edition Dragon Fire Wings are coming to Buffalo Wild Wings for those worthy of the heat.

Taming the fire might prove possible for the truly worthy. The limited edition Dragon Fire Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings could be the scorching flavor that only a few can truly handle. Is this mother of all sauces worthy to appear before your throne?

Buffalo Wild Wings just announced that on April 14, for one day only, a television inspired chicken wing will be on its menu. Just like a dragon breathes fire, this special wing just might set your mouth on fire. To say that this sauce is hot might be an understatement.

Buffalo Wild Wings describes the sauce as “mixing chili and ghost peppers with soy and ginger sauce.” Thinking about this flavor combination, the heat is layered. While the ghost pepper has the extreme heat, the spiciness of the ginger could make the heat linger even longer.

While I haven’t tried the wings or sauce, it will be curious to see how the flavor builds. My guess would be that the fire builds to its extreme point than slowly fades away. Maybe the heat tricks the unassuming in some way to keep eating and eating until that moment of potential over-indulgence.

Additionally, the wings are topped with sliced jalapeno. While this idea seems to add additional spice, it could offer a little brightness to the dish. Sometimes jalapenos aren’t as spicy as they seem.

Now, if you aren’t a huge spice fan, you might want to have a side of ranch or blue cheese with these wings. Granted, your favorite beer or soda is nice, but it won’t tame that fiery heat.

These wings will be available only on April 14, both for dine-in and take out. Additionally, the sauce can be exclusively delivered via DoorDash.

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Are you prepared for the mother of all sauces? Order these Limited Edition Dragon Fire Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.