Arby’s offers fans a Hawaiian getaway for the cost of sandwich


Want a Hawaiian getaway? Arby’s is so excited about the return of its King’s Hawaiian sandwich that fans will get a chance to head to the Aloha state.

Are you dreaming of a Hawaiian getaway? Whether you are pummeled with snow or tired of Spring cleaning, a trip to the Aloha state could be the perfect respite. Arby’s is preparing to make that tropical vacation a reality for many fans. More importantly, it is incredibly affordable.

Recently, Arby’s brought back its hugely popular King’s Hawaiian sandwich. Fans fell in love with the combination of sweet bread bun and Arby’s meats. Now with a full line of King’s Hawaiian Sandwiches, Arby’s is celebrating in a huge way.

Starting on 4/12 at 12 p.m. ET, Arby’s fans can purchase a Hawaiian Getaway for just $6. Yes, for the cost of an Arby’s Hawaiian sandwich, some fans will get a trip to Hawaii. But, there is a little wrinkle.

The fun part is that you get to enjoy the tasty Arby’s Hawaiian sandwiches in Hawaii on the beach. $6 for a trip to Hawaii is a huge savings, offer and deal.

Arby’s Hawaiian Getaway, ready to get away? photo provided by Arby’s

But, it is just a quick trip to enjoy these sandwiches on the beach. 24 hours total. No stops, no overnight stay. Just a trip to Hawaii and a sandwich. Still, for $6 who wouldn’t be up for this experience?

It is a fun promotion for Arby’s and a great way to build excitement about the Hawaiian sandwiches. There are three sandwiches, King’s Hawaiian Sweet and Spicy Luau Chicken, King’s Hawaiian Big Kahuna and King’s Hawaiian Smokehouse Brisket. All three limited time sandwiches definitely “bring the meats.”

If you only choose one of these sandwiches to try, the King’s Hawaiian Sweet and Spicy Luau Chicken is a must. With crispy chicken, smoked ham and melted Swiss, it is a huge bite. The spicy pineapple habanero sauce is the perfect contrast to the sweet King’s Hawaiian buns. It might make you feel a little warm, just like sitting on a Hawaiian beach.

If you want the opportunity to purchase the $6 Hawaiian getaway from Arby’s, head to the company’s website starting 4/12 at 12 p.m. ET. The tickets will go quick.

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Even if you don’t get one of these Hawaiian getaways, order a limited edition King’s Hawaiian sandwich. It could have you dreaming of beaches with each bite.