Klondike Minis, satisfy the craving with only half the guilt


Klondike Minis are here to the delight of ice cream fans. With just a few bites, that chocolate and ice cream craving is totally satisfied.

Have you seen the newest flavors of Klondike Minis? The classic ice cream frozen treat, Klondike Bars, have been a staple in families’ freezers for years. Who doesn’t remember those commercials were people would do anything for a Klondike bar?

In this newest version, the Klondike brand is looking to appeal to even bigger audience. Many people today want to indulge in their favorite ice cream and frozen treat.

But, those delicious treats often come with a side of guilt. The constant guilt of how many minutes on the treadmill are needed to work off those extra calories can lead people to miss the enjoyment in those sweet, delicious frozen treats.

The Klondike Minis satisfy that sweet craving without the added guilt. Each mini version has the signature creamy ice cream encased in the smooth chocolate shell. Who isn’t craving one just thinking about the frozen treat?

Klondike Minis, Mint photo provided by Klondike

Recently, Klondike added two new flavors to its Minis line. Klondike Minis Double Chocolate and Klondike Minis Mint Chocolate join the other two flavors, Original and Reese’s.

Going into the warmer months, the Mint Chocolate version will be perfectly refreshing on a hot day. That flavor of cool mint paired with the dark chocolate is instantly revitalizing. Whether the final bite after a favorite meal or an afternoon treat enjoyed outside, this bite could be the perfect moment of ice cream bliss.

Of course, chocolate fans will be drawn to the Double Chocolate variety. The classic combination of chocolate ice cream and a chocolate shell is always a tasty treat.

The newest flavors of the Klondike Minis are available at retailers now. These options join other Klondike products, like the Original Bars, ice cream sandwiches and the classic Choco Taco.

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It is time to enjoy that moment of indulgence. Unwrap some Klondike Minis and toss that side of guilt away.