Drink more wine to lose weight, a study says it is time to uncork another bottle


Need a reason to drink more wine? If you want to some lose weight, it might be time to uncork a bottle of your favorite wine.

If you love wine, finding a reason to drink more wine is a constant search. While some people might cut back on their beloved glass of vino to save calories, a recent study could change your mind. Could that glass of wine be better for losing weight than that extra 30 minutes on the treadmill?

According to a recent by Harvard Medical School, a glass of wine before bed could help a person lose weight. The theory believes that Resveratrol, a component in many wines, can help with weight. This chemical is believed to suppress appetite and potentially combat fat cells.

The study followed women for 13 years. Those women who drank two glasses a wine, including one glass of wine later in the day, were more likely to have weight loss versus those who didn’t consume wine. So, if you need an excuse to drink more wine, this study is your proof.

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While this wine study is entertaining, there are some additional thoughts about wine and wine drinking. Wine has long be touted as a better alcoholic beverage choice. Often, a glass of wine has fewer calories than other alcoholic beverages. Also, other studies have touted other health benefits. Still, just drinking wine doesn’t necessarily whittle away excess pounds.

Truthfully, this study may not address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Did this group of women replace a more densely caloric beverage with wine? Did the wine replace a big dessert? There are many other factors that could come into play.

Also, that extra glass of wine doesn’t give anyone the excuse to indulge in extra treats. Sometimes an alcoholic beverage can cause people to be less aware of the other calories that they are eating. Haven’t you grabbed an extra piece of cheese or chocolate with your wine?

Lastly, the study doesn’t address the size of the glass of wine. A “true” glass of wine serving is small. Today’s wine glasses make people believe that a serving is 1/3 of a bottle or more. That large serving can’t help anyone lose weight, even if this study makes people believe in wine and losing weight.

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What do you think of this study? Could it make you feel list guilty and possibly make it possible to drink more wine?