Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles will become a Disney must have


The just revealed Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles, sold at Star Wars Galaxy Edge, will become one of the Disney must-haves at your upcoming visit.

Have you seen the new Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles? As everyone prepares for the opening of Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Disney Parks, the newest announcement excites not just Star Wars fans but also Coca-Cola fans. These specially designed Coca-Cola products will become a must-have during the Galaxy Edge experience.

As many people have heard, the Star Wars Galaxy Edge immersive land is more than just a theme within a Disney Park. It will transport guests into the far off land. From the ride experiences that affect your personal storyline to the cast members who make you feel part of the Star Wars world, this Disney land is more ambitious than any other Disney experience.

Since the whole concept of Galaxy Edge is to be a different land, the traditional food and drink cannot be the same as the rest of Disney Parks. While Disney has revealed specifics on the restaurants’ food and beverages, this new announcement shows how beverage staples, like Coca-Cola products will be introduced into this immersive land.

New Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles coming to Star Wars Galaxy Edge, photo provided by Coca-Cola

With the reveal of the special Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles, it is clear that both Disney and Coca-Cola have out done themselves in creating the best experience possible. Since soda fans should be able to have their favorite beverage at the Black Spire Outpost, these specially designed bottles seamless blend into that world.

Check out this video from Coca-Cola and Disney Parks.

According to both brands, these offerings were three years in the making. Both Coca-Cola and Disney hold the patent on these designs. Through this collaboration, it has a “real” feel; something that could definitely appear into this other world.

Looking at the design, a couple of items are quite interesting. First, the shape of the bottle is different. Spherical “orb” bottles are exclusive to the Galaxy Edge. While these shapes might not work in the “real” world, the design stays true to the Star Wars aesthetic.

Second, the traditional brand names have been replaced with Aurebesh. For those unfamiliar, this written language is featured in the Star Wars franchise. Even if you don’t know that language, the packaging reflects the iconic Coca-Cola brands.

Lastly, it is good to see that the two brands found a way to work together on this endeavor. Iconic brands continually evolve. Who isn’t to say that Cola-Cola will be part of the future? Just like the loyal film fans, beverage fans are just as passionate.

Given the uniqueness of this containers and the limited availability, many people might be taking a few home for friends or as souvenirs. Plus, bringing a friend one of these beverages might be a little more cost effective than the custom made lightsaber.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge exclusive Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles, photo provided by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has a huge presence in Disney Parks. From enjoying a classic Coke in front of Cinderella’s castle to stopping at Epcot’s Cool Club to enjoy the international beverages, these beverages are part of the Disney experience.

The Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles will be available at Star Wars Galaxy Edge at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. The Disneyland attraction opens on May 31 and the Walt Disney World attraction opens on August 29.

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Will the Coca-Cola and Star Wars Galactic Bottles quench your thirst? These items are definitely on this fan’s must buy list.