Big Gay Ice Cream heads west and ice cream fans rejoice


Are you familiar with Big Gay Ice Cream? The legendary East Coast ice cream brand is expanding out west and life just got sweeter.

Big Gay Ice Cream fans can get their ice cravings satisfied on the West Coast. The iconic ice cream company is expanding west. Now, more people can enjoy one of the country’s best ice creams. But, can you handle a spoonful of this ice cream goodness?

What started as a seasonal ice cream truck has grown to one of the most popular ice cream companies in the United Stated. Even with its limited distribution area, this ice cream has found its way to captivate even the most picky ice cream fans.

One of the reasons why this ice cream brand is so loved is the playfulness behind the flavors and names. While there is a little tongue and cheek humor in the names, the ice cream itself always delivers. Sure the unicorn and rainbow cone design can make you smile, but the spoonful of goodness makes your stomach do the happy dance.

The new West Coast expansion puts those vibrant ice cream pints on freezer shelves. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, select retailers will have the ice cream available for sale. Also, Instacart and Amazon Fresh will offer the ice cream via online order.

Big Gay Ice Cream three new flavors, photo provided by Big Gay Ice Cream

In addition to this expansion, Big Gay Ice Cream added three new flavors. Those three flavors are Banan-o-Graham, Flutternutter and Spicy Choco-Lit. While all three flavors work within the brand’s vision, the Spicy Choco-Lit should be a huge hit.

The Spicy Choco-Lit flavor is “milk chocolate ice cream with spicy fudge swirls and hot cinnamon candy pieces.” Adding hot cinnamon candy pieces is a different twist. The sweet, slow burn from the cinnamon should play against the richness of the chocolate. Are you craving it yet?

The three new flavors are available in pints. They join other six popular flavors like American Globs and Dorothy.

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West Coast ice cream fans be on the lookout for Big Gay Ice Cream. The freezer aisle will never look the same again.