New Stuffed Puffs marshmallows will change s’mores forever


Have you seen the new Stuffed Puffs marshmallows? If you love s’mores these marshmallows will change your s’more eating experience forever.

Get the campfire ready. New Stuffed Puffs marshmallows are coming to exclusively to Walmart next week. Are you ready for this ultimate sweet treat?

Put this newest food launch under why hadn’t someone thought of this idea before. The newest marshmallow to hit store shelves is simply genius, especially for s’mores fans. This marshmallow is stuffed with chocolate.

That’s right. A giant, fluffy marshmallow has a big center filled with chocolate goodness. With summer quickly approaching, this new marshmallow has totally changed the s’mores game.

While everyone has an opinion on the “right” level of marshmallow doneness for a s’more, most people agree that the warm, melted chocolate adds to the eating enjoyment. But, there is always that one person who takes a few too many pieces of chocolate. No one wants to be left without chocolate for her s’mores.

With this new product, you will never run out of chocolate. While I haven’t tried these marshmallows, I have been told that the chocolate inside melts when it gets warm. Given that description, the chocolate should be firm at room temperature.

More importantly, it isn’t just chocolate flavored marshmallow. That scenario is totally different than a chocolate filled marshmallow.

While this sweet treat seems to be targeted at the s’mores fan, there are many other dessert possibilities. From rice cereal treats to a variety of other desserts (remember that Spring Baking Championship episode), the possibilities are many. It might be time to start experimenting.

The new Stuffed Puffs marshmallows will hit Walmart shelves on April 28. The suggested retail price is $3.98.

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Will you be stalking store shelves looking for these marshmallow delights? More importantly, how would you enjoy them?