Town House Garlic Herb Flipsides: Bold flavor that goes with everything


Have you tried the new Town House Garlic Herb Flipsides? This new dual-sided snack will have you pairing it with absolutely everything.

Snack time just got a big boost of flavor. The new Town House Garlic Herb Flipsides offer something different. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with other food, this burst of garlicky goodness will have you going back for more.

Town House Flipsides offer the best of two snack items. The oval shaped snack is pretzel on side and cracker on the other. The combination of textures and flavors make for the perfect, satisfying bite.

For this new flavor, Town House definitely brings the garlic. While the garlic is notable, it doesn’t completely overpower the entire experience. It offers the best part of garlic’s flavor without being overly pungent.

While these snacks are quite enjoyable on their own, they are even better when paired with other food. From cheese to spreads, there are so many options.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try these Town House Herb Flipsides. After trying a various pairings, I came up with a few of my favorites.

Thinking about pairing cheese with these snacks, I would recommend a smoked Gouda. The slight smoky qualities of the Gouda bring out the depth of the garlic. Each bite creates layers of flavors. It is definitely a combination to try.

Another option great pairing option is using a spread. While there are many types of spread, like pimento cheese, a smoked fish dip is amazing. For those unfamiliar, smoked fish dip is popular in Florida. It usually uses a white fish, combined with mayonnaise, sour cream and spices.

In this pairing, the richness of the smoked fish dip is balanced with the garlicky flavors of the Flipsides. Plus the contrast in textures makes each bite more and more satisfying. It has become part of my Sunday afternoon snacking routine.

The new Town House Garlic Herb Flipsides are available at major retailers. A box costs approximately $4.19.

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Are you ready to see how this bold flavor goes with everything? Get snacking with a box of Town House Garlic Herb Flipsides today.