Stop eating English muffins wrong, the right way uses this utensil


So many people have been eating English muffins wrong. If you want to preserve those delicious nooks and crannies, there is only one right way.

English muffins are popular because of those nooks and crannies. Whether you put butter, jam or even peanut butter on top of the popular breakfast staple, the signature texture of the English muffin needs to be saved. Whatever you do, stop breaking apart the English muffin by using this utensil.

It is time to put down the knife, unless you are spreading butter. The only way to properly open an English muffin is with a fork. By simply using a fork’s tines to slowly pry apart the halves, you can preserve the delicious nooks and crannies. Foodies don’t let foodies use a knife.

While the English muffin is actually a variety of an English crumpet, this breakfast favorite has become quite popular. Thomas’ English Muffins is a well-known brand across the United States. The “nooks and crannies” slogan has been associated with the brand since the 1980s, when it was introduced in a marketing campaign.

With April 23 being National English Muffin Day, Thomas’ shared some interesting facts about this food. Besides the proper way of opening an English muffin, certain toppings are most popular.

Thomas’ English Muffins celebration National English Muffin Day

The top five toppings for an English muffin are butter and margarine, jelly or jam, eggs, cheese and bacon. Truthfully, butter as a top choice is rather obvious. While a napkin is a necessity, there is nothing more satisfying than biting into that melted butter filled, crunchy muffin.

Additionally, an English muffin is a popular breakfast choice for many iconic dishes. Eggs Benedict usually uses it as the base of the dish. The muffin absorbs all the runny yolk from the poached egg and the decadent Hollandaise sauce. Those nooks and crannies are perfect for this dish.

No matter how you enjoy an English muffin, just remember to keep the knife in the drawer. The right utensil to open one is the fork.

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How many English muffins will you be enjoying for National English Muffin Day? Remember, friends don’t let friends cut one with a knife.