MasterChef Junior Season 7 episode 8 Kidz Bop Kitchen preview: Watch online


Is MasterChef Junior ready for a blast from the past? In this week’s episode, the junior home cooks face both a mystery box challenge and a double elimination.

Your jaw might drop on this week’s MasterChef Junior episode. After looking at an exclusive preview clip from tonight’s episode, there are a few kitchen images that will forever be etched into everyone’s memory. Are you ready for a “blast from the past?”

According to FOX, this week’s episode, “Kidz Bop Kitchen” features the following synopsis.

"The Top 12 are in for a surprise when the kids from Kidz Bop arrive and put their twist on a mystery box challenge, deciding which ingredients the home cooks must craft into an elevated dish full of personality. Only one will win a huge advantage, forever altering his/or/her MASTERCHEF journey in a “blast from the past” elimination test. Find out who makes it into the Top 10 in the all-new “Junior Edition: Kidz Bop Kitchen” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Tuesday, April 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX."

Mystery box challenges can always stump a cook, especially a young cook. The pressure to think on your feet and create an elevated dish isn’t easy. It is impressive that the young cooks can get anything on the plate so quickly.

While a mystery box is filled with pressure, the second challenge might be the image of the season. Sure there have been food dumped on both the judges and the contestants, but this video might shock you.

If you have ever wondered how Gordon Ramsay looked or acted like as a child, you cannot un-see this image. These judges deserve a lot of credit for being willing to put themselves in these “re-created” blasts from the past. Still, the video is more than the fun image or the hearty laugh. It might convey a really important point.

For many people a love of cooking starts at a young age. Finding a flavor, a dish or just a food that brings her joy can happen at any age. These young cooks are testament that a connection to food. The ability to cook doesn’t come with an age limit.

While the complete details why the Gordon, Aaron and Christina are dressed up as their younger selves isn’t revealed, there could be several options. Since the theme is blast from the past, the young chefs could have to recreate one of the judges’ favorite dishes from their youth. It could be something simple like a taco or it could be some Yorkshire pudding.

Another possibility could be more straight forward. Since the judges are channeling their youth, maybe the young chefs will have to recreate their favorite childhood dish. Although these chefs are young, they seem to have a large repertoire of recipes.

Given the sophistication of these kids’ palates, it will be curious to see if the dishes are elevated or simple. While kids aren’t afraid to explore flavors and combinations, simple dishes can be the hardest to master.

Lastly, it is a double elimination episode. Only 10 young chefs will still have the chance at the title MasterChef Junior. Will this blast from the past cause a favorite to be sent home?

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Here’s how to watch MasterChef Junior Season 7 episode 8 Camp Kidz Bop Kitchen.

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ET

Episode “Kidz Bop Kitchen”

TV Channel: FOX

Live Stream: Watch live on Fubo TV. Sign up now for a free seven-day trial. You can also watch on FOX’s website or app.

MasterChef Junior airs on FOX on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET.