Restaurant Impossible Season 14 episode 2 preview: Watch online


In this week’s Restaurant Impossible episode, a local diner gets a huge makeover both in décor and the kitchen with life changing results.

Restaurant Impossible continues to make huge improvements in restaurants and people’s lives. While an owner’s desire can fuel an ambition, that characteristic doesn’t make a successful restaurant. Can Robert find a way to create a successful environment for everyone involved?

According to Food Network, the Season 14 episode, Mom Finds Her Mojo, synopsis states:

"When Robert Irvine arrives at the Incredible Cafe in San Diego, he finds a restaurant that is anything but incredible. The kitchen is an abomination, and the woman who runs it is in crippling debt. It’s up to Robert to reignite her passion or else the restaurant is doomed."

Looking at this synopsis, this intervention shows how difficult running a successful restaurant can be. While a person might have the desire and even some of the passion to be the restaurateur, those characteristics don’t ensure a successful business.

As Robert has stated in interviews, smart business plans are necessary. With proper planning, a restaurant should not be crippling in debt. Getting to the root of the business problem can set the restaurant on the path to improvement.

In a recent search, the décor improvement to this restaurant is quite dramatic. While the restaurant itself is intimate, the décor is inviting. With the setting improved, other items can be the focus.

While it is unclear how Robert influences the menu and kitchen. An unclean kitchen will never create its best meals. Again, starting with the right tools, this restaurant can begin its path on a successful journey.

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Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019

Start Time: 9 p.m. ET

Episode: “Mom Finds Her Mojo”

TV Channel: Food Network

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