Unicorns, rainbows and slime: Walmart’s exclusive frozen treats are colorful


Summer is almost here and Walmart added frozen treats are quite colorful. Unicorns, rainbows, slime and even some turtles are in the freezer aisle.

Walmart’s frozen treats will be the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. Since summer is usually all about fun in the sun, colorful ice creams and treats are seem to brighten those long, hot days even more. Do you have your spoon ready?

Available in Walmart’s freezer aisle now, there are several new ice creams and treats that will have everyone craving a spoonful of tasty goodness. Whether you are looking for a rainbow colored sherbet or want to challenge your inner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, these ice cream treats appeal to all ages.

Since unicorns and rainbow colored delights are always quite popular, Walmart has added two colorful creations. The Great Value Unicorn Sparkle ice cream features magical purple frosting swirl in a cake flavored ice cream. Add in some candy confetti pieces and this ice cream is definitely a colorful celebration.

For a slightly more subdued option, the Great Value Rainbow Sherbet ice cream is a satisfying yet less guilty option. The fat free ice cream features orange, lime and raspberry flavors.

New Walmart frozen treats for summer, photo provided by Walmart

Previously, Walmart partnered with Nickelodeon on green slime sauce. For the summer, the collaboration continues with slime frozen treats. Using that iconic green color for emphasis, these frozen treats come both in ice cream cups and bars.

While the ice cream cups will be tasty, the frozen bars will are slightly more intriguing. The bars features orange and lime flavors. Although kids will be drawn to the bold colors, adults will love the flavors. Better make sure there is a second box in the freezer.

Refreshing fruit flavors continue in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle offerings. Teenage Mutant Turtle Rise of the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtle pops feature tropical punch flavors. Also, the ice cream incorporates chocolatey caramel turtles. These frozen treats definitely focus on the fun.

Lastly, Walmart is offering another ice cream confection that will get a lot of attention. The Great Value Bubble Gum Ice cream is more than bubble gum flavored ice cream. With bubble gum candy pieces, it is a bonus treat.

All of these new offerings, plus several more items, like KIND FROZEN Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Bar and Chloe’s pops are available at local retailers.

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What Walmart frozen treats will be stocked in your freezer this summer?