evian and Virgil Abloh believe one drop can make a rainbow


Showing the infinite possibilities, evian and Virgil Abloh come together to showcase that one drop of water can be the metaphor for life.

For decades, evian has been a leader in providing natural spring water. Virgil Abloh has been an emerging voice in the fashion world. As evian’s Creative Adviser for Sustainable Innovative Design, the two pop culture influencers look to spark a conversation.

The classic evian bottle has long been a staple of pop culture. Whether referenced in movies or seen as fashion events, the natural spring water company is ingrained into the fashion world. While the water itself brings hydration, the presentation is always in a stylish way.

As more and more people are concerned with sustainability and the impact choices have on the environment, this brand is looking to embrace that change in culture while staying true to its fashionable ways. The Virgil Abloh collaboration is a prime example.

On May 9, 2019, fans will be able to get the limited edition rainbow drop bottles at the Drip Drop event in New York City. This event is the first time that these bottles will be available in the United States. The bottles are part of the “One Drop Can Make a Rainbow” collection.

evian and Virgil Abloh believe one drop can make a rainbow, photo provided by evian

The name of this collection is quite telling. Abloh said, “as light refracts through that droplet, it reveals its full poly-chromatic potential. We don’t just see water, we see infinite possibilities and inspiration for anyone. Everyone.”

That statement goes beyond a water brand and a fashion partnership. It shows that water is life. From the nourishment for our bodies to the vitality of the planet, without water life cannot survive.

At the same time, a life well lived needs inspiration. Focusing on what can happen, the positive, instead of what won’t happen, the negative, the world can be a more enlightened place. Changing perspective isn’t necessarily hard; it just needs to be seen.

While the gorgeous bottles are an impressive fashion statement, the sentiment behind this collaboration needs to be celebrated. From fashion to food, life is great when all the possibilities are met with and openness.

The evian Drip Drop event will be held on May 9 at 393 Broadway. Bottles will be available while supplies last.

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Are you ready to open your eyes to infinite possibilities? Just take a moment and ponder how “One Drop Can Make a Rainbow.”