What does mom really want for Mother’s Day?


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but are you giving mom what she really wants? This gift idea could be the most thoughtful idea yet.

Moms deserve the best on Mother’s Day and every day. While many suggest all types of gifts, brunches and more, has anyone asked mom what she really wants? Kraft has asked and is giving moms what they want. Nothing. Yes, a day of nothing.

Recently Care.com found that “one of the things Mom wants most for Mother’s Day is alone time.” From a glass of wine with friends to shopping without the question “are we done yet,” moms want that moment when they can be just be by themselves.

This year Kraft is giving moms their ideal gift, time off. That right, moms would love a little time to themselves. While that macaroni necklace will be treasured forever, a little quiet, relaxation and rejuvenation can be the ultimate mom gift.

To help moms, Kraft has told moms to send their babysitter bill to www.kraftmothersdayaway.com. Now, with babysitting covered, what would you do with a free day out?

Since the babysitter is covered, moms could maybe indulge in their heart’s desire. From a relaxing dinner without complaining to maybe a wine tasting with adult conversation, the options are many.

Personally, I would love a long, leisurely lunch with a glass of wine, cheese plate and a big, decadent chocolate dessert. With no distractions, bickering or boy noises, I could savor each and every bite. Sometimes a mom’s greatest pleasure is just a little me time.

Sure, there is a little humor in this promotion, but the concept is real. Moms are the constant champions, the unsung heroes. Unfortunately, that mom-time is often left off the to-do list. Moms deserve that moment of celebrating just her – that person – not the taxi driver, laundress, cook and a myriad of other titles.

Even if you don’t take Kraft up on its offer for free babysitting, this Mother’s Day lets have everyone give each other a moment to themselves, more than the quiet time in the bathroom. Sometimes those few moments can be the best gift to give.

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Thank Kraft for asking and giving moms what they want this Mother’s Day. And, feel free to make a macaroni necklace with the card. It is a Mother’s Day tradition.