The Polite Pig brings authentic Southern BBQ to Walt Disney World


Head down the Lime Garage at Disney Springs and you’ll instantly be greeted by the smell of mouthwatering bbq from The Polite Pig.

When guests enter Disney Springs, they are in for a culinary wonderland. From delightful bakeries to old fashioned comfort food there really is something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for some of that comfort food, you’re going to want to head over to The Polite Pig.

The restaurant is owned by James, Julie, and Brian Petrakis, who also own one of Orlando’s most popular local restaurants, The Ravenous Pig. While both establishments are very different in what they serve, bbq verses a unique gastropub, they both are serving guests some incredible food.

The Polite Pig features a variety of wood-fired smoked bbq and grilled items, craft beers from around Florida, a bourbon bar, and uses seasonal offerings to bring guests only the very best. On our most recent visit to The Polite Pig, we tried out some of the new menu items and some old favorites. It made for a fantastic meal at one of the most casual and inviting restaurants at Disney Springs.

To start we tried the burnt ends bbq meatballs ($12). The housemate meatballs are made with brisket smoked right at The Polite Pig and put over cheddar grits served with Layla’s sweet bbq sauce. The dish was filling because of the grits, and definitely worth getting if you love meatballs. They were soft and moist, with a smoky flavor, which helped to balance out the sweetness of the bbq sauce.

Since we were sharing most of our selections we got two different sandwiches to split, a smoked turkey BLT ($13), and the low and slow brisket ($14). The BLT was made with house-smoked turkey, 13 sweet bbq bacon-onion jam, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Duke’s mayo. The bacon-onion jam was a delightful twist on a very traditional sandwich and helped to cut through the smokiness of the turkey.

The low and slow brisket sandwich was made with prime brisket, pimento cheese, porter bbq, pickles jalapeños, and onion straws. The pimento cheese worked really well with the brisket to add a bit of creaminess, and the onion straws added some much needed crunch to the sandwich. Overall, both of these were a hit and we would get them again.

One thing The Polite Pig does really well is side dishes. In fact, you can order just a plate of sides, which we have considered doing on multiple occasions. With this meal we ordered three sides.

Typically sides are $6 each, $4 if your adding to to a sandwich meal, or $15 for three sides, though anything within the “from the smoker” section of the menu comes with a side as part of the meal.

We ordered the tomato and watermelon salad, crispy Brussels sprouts, and mac and cheese. The salad is made with juicy watermelon and sweet tomatoes, then topped with feta cheese, basil, and pickled onions. The combination of the five items make for a simple, yet refreshing salad perfect for after any Disney park day.

If you think you don’t like Brussels sprouts you need to try the ones from The Polite Pig. They are super crispy then tossed in a whiskey-caramel sauce! This is our favorite side at the restaurant, and no meal is complete without it. For an old stand-by that everyone will enjoy the mac and cheese is made with aged cheddar and is more of a baked dish rather than a super creamy and gooey mac and cheese.

If after all of that you’re still hungry and have left room for dessert, you’re going to want to get the orange blossom pie ($7). The dessert is sweet without being overly sweet. If you like key lime pie, this pie is a similar style with a perfect graham cracker crust and a custard-like filling. We would highly recommend sharing the pie since it’s on the sweeter side a little really goes a long way.

To go with your meal you’re going to want to have a drink from one of the best bars at Disney Springs. We tried the bee’s knees cocktail ($11) and it was light and refreshing for a hot Florida day. It’s made with London dry gin, honey, and lemon. Think of a very adult lemonade without being overly sweet. The drink goes well with all the items we tried, and if you don’t finish your drink before you’re ready to leave The Polite Pig they will put it in a to go cup for you!

Overall, we would highly recommend trying out The Polite Pig if you’re looking for good old-fashioned comfort food. The restaurant is warm and inviting and the food is worth the line that’s sometimes out the door.

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Have you ever dined at The Polite Pig? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!