HI-CHEW Sweet & Sour Mix is bursting with tangy flavors


HI-CHEW is bringing the tangy and the tart to the summer parties. The new Sweet & Sour Mix is the big punch of flavor that candy fans are craving.

Ready for big flavor? HI-CHEW is bringing two new flavors to the candy aisle. From Sweet & Sour Mix to Watermelon, these two new flavors are perfect for warm, summer weather.

Candy fans have been obsessed with HI-CHEW candies. The Japanese candy has some of the most intense flavors that people love. The fruit forward flavors are made with real fruit juice and puree. Each bite is bursting with fruit goodness.

The two new flavors are perfect for a summer launch. Sour flavor candy is still growing in popularity. People want that big, pucker that instantly perks up your mouth.

When that tangy flavor is paired with a little sweetness, the two flavors are intensified. The sweetness from the real fruit flavor plays very well against the sour-forward twist. In a way, it keeps you wanting to eat another piece.

New HI-CHEW Watermelon and Sweet & Sour Mix, photo provided by HI-CHEW

Joining the Sweet & Sour Mix is a new Watermelon flavor. Watermelon is a classic summertime treat. Who hasn’t enjoyed a juicy piece of watermelon on a hot summer day? It is perfectly refreshing.

Offering that flavor in a candy makes perfect sense. In a way, watermelon is its own sweet and tangy flavor in a single candy.

Additionally, HI-CHEW is a very versatile candy. As seen with some of its other 17 flavors, these candies can make delicious infused cocktails. Just think about the watermelon cocktails that could be made with these candies this summer?

Both the new Sweet & Sour Mix and the Watermelon flavors are available at select Walmart and Walgreens stores. Additionally, these candies can be purchased online at the company store.

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Are you excited about these new HI-CHEW candies? Which one is the top of your must try list?