The Great Food Truck Race prepares for a culinary beach battle


The Food Network summer favorite, The Great Food Truck Race, is ready for a culinary beach battle. Which team will earn the ultimate prize?

The Great Food Truck Race is ready to roll out this summer on Food Network. After taking on the Wild West last season, this new season hits the other coast for some summer fun. As the nine teams travel the Atlantic coast, only one food truck will earn the $50,000 prize.

Summer and food travel go hand in hand. In some cases, people even plan their vacations around food. In this season, this Food Network show showcases not only the fast paced food competition but also the food road trip aspect.

According to Food Network, the teams competing this season are:

"Baby Got Mac (Los Angeles); Brunch Babes (Grand Rapids, Michigan); Frank N Slides (Boise, Idaho); Madea Made (Virginia Beach, Virginia); Make It Maple (Montpelier, Vermont); NOLA Creations (Atlanta); People’s Fry (Nashville); Rolling Indulgence (Dayton, Ohio) and Sol Food Collective (Los Angeles)."

While some of the teams’ names might give away their food truck style, these teams will have to do more than just create their signature dishes. Throughout the season, they will be challenged to use local ingredients, incorporate innovative flavors and use their business savvy to succeed.

As seen previously, it isn’t just the best cooks who win this Food Network competition. The teams need to understand the selling. Finding the right dish at the right cost is key to winning this competition. It doesn’t matter if you have the tastiest dish; people have to want to buy it.

The season kicks off in Myrtle Beach. Fans should expect some crab-focused dishes based on the location. Other stops include Hilton Head, Daytona Beach, Tampa, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The season ends in Key West, which will definitely be a fun stop.

Additionally this season, Food Network is offering The Great Food Truck Race: The Extra Mile. This digital companion series highlights some of the best foods in the towns where the race stops. It is like having a foodie tour guide for your upcoming trip.

The new season of The Great Food Truck Race airs on Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. The digital companion series premieres on the same date.

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Are you ready to get rolling? The Great Food Truck Race has their engines started and is ready for the next culinary battle.