Blue Apron Summer Cookout Box helps you get grilling


Time to light up the grill. The Blue Apron Summer Cookout Box will ensure that you summer gathering will become the talk of the season.

Summer and grilling go hand in hand, but those flames can be intimidating. With the Blue Apron Summer Cookout Box, anyone can become the grill master. Are you ready to stoke the fire?

In many ways, companies like Blue Apron have made it easy for novice cooks to become more comfortable with cooking. From exploring exotic flavors to learning new cooking techniques, these pre-portioned, prepped meal kits guide cooks through the entire process. While you might not be the next celebrity chef, you can become a more confident cook.

For the summer, Blue Apron has crafted several tasty recipes that are perfect for the summer cookout. The flavors are bold, bright and take a trip around the globe. From Za’atar corn on the cob to panzanella and marinated vegetables, the grill is the passport to flavor.

In particular, the Spanish-Spiced Mixed Grill with Chimichurri sounds amazing. Chimichurri is trending sauce. Whether served on steak, chicken or shrimp, the flavorful sauce will have you wanting to add chimchurri to your weekly menu.

Blue Apron summer menu gets you grilling, photo provided by Blue Apron

Overall, the summer menu features some of the best summer produce. Seasonal eating offers the most robust flavors and these recipes highlight that freshness.

Since summertime is a perfect time to gather with friends and family, the Summer Cookout Box includes a hosting guide. This guide can simplify any upcoming event. From covering assembly duties to calculating cook time, this guide ensures that the cook (you) isn’t stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun.

The Blue Apron Summer Cookout Box is available now. The cost ranges between $115 – $125 depending on proteins.

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Are you ready to get grilling? With Blue Apron, you could be the new grill master in the neighborhood.