We drink and know things: The perfect drinks for the end of Game of Thrones


The series finale of Game of Thrones is almost here. People across America will be gathering for one last time to see who will get the Iron Throne. If you’re like me, you’ll probably need a strong drink in hand, preferably, one of the following!

Where do I even begin. Game of Thrones has kept audiences in it’s grasp for 8 seasons, and after this Sunday we’ll finally see how it all ends. I know many of you out there will be hosting parties, or at the very least, be watching it. Do you have your drink list ready?

Game of Thrones beer by Ommegang Brewery 

No matter which you buy, you’ll likely be ahead of the curve. For the Throne was just released in April, and is a fitting beer for the last episode. This golden ale is a beautiful copper color, with a delicate foam head at the top.

Game of Thrones wine

Beer not your thing? Perhaps a nice glass of wine will help you swallow the last episode down. I might grab a bottle of the Pinot Noir, an elegant wine with rich fruit flavors, worthy of the rightful king or queen of the Iron Throne.

Dragon’s Spit

If you’re rooting for the mother of dragons to take it all, this shot will surely do you well. The recipe calls for 1 part Fireball, and 1 to 10 shots of hot sauce — you get to decide which hot sauce. Mix them together and serve over ice. This one will burn doing down.

Dragon’s Blood

Another perfect shot for those cheering on the only remaining dragon. Take 1 part Fireball, and one part cranberry juice. Serve as a chilled shot, or on the rocks.

Johnnie Walker White Walker Scotch

Arya may have taken out all of the White Walkers (we hope) by herself, so drink in their terrifying memory. This scotch will warm you up — unlike the White Walkers. Perfect at room temp or over ice, just as the Night King would want it.

House Stark ice molds

Last but not least, we can’t forget the ice. Why not make some House Stark ice molds for the series finally? It only seems fair!

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No matter what you’ll be drinking for the series finale, be sure to drink responsibly, and try to have fun — regardless of who wins. Cheers!