Thirsty for Game of Thrones? Quench it with Game of Thrones beer


You might not have a new Game of Thrones season yet, but you can sip on a Game of Thrones beer. Which one quenches your thirst?

Game of Thrones is a cultural phenomenon. While fans eagerly await the next season, an enticing beverage can make the wait seem less cumbersome. Yes, Game of Thrones beer, Ommegang and HBO’s Royal Reserve Collection, will be quickly snapped up by fans. But, will beer connoisseur be appeased as well?

A collaboration between Ommegang and HBO, the four beer series is based on four figures in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. While Game of Thrones provides the inspiration for the design and beer, these beers offer the sophisticated flavors that beer fans have come to expect from Ommegang.

Located in Cooperstown, New York, Ommegang is known for its Belgium style beers. Having won numerous accolades over the years, Ommegang is considered a leader in the craft beer market. One of its most popular, and best known, beers is 3 Philosphers. The strong dark ale can even tempt the light beer drinker to consider sipping a more robust, flavorful beer.

The collaboration between Ommegang and HBO on this series of beers is a smart one. Over the years, the brewery has made several Game of Thrones beers. Many of these beers have been quite good. Representing various styles, even non-Game of Thrones fans were happy to purchase these themed beers.

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The first beer released in the Royal Reserve Collection, Hand of the Queen, is an English style barley wine. It is inspired by Tyrion Lannister and is said to “beer fit for those who seek knowledge and truth, both great and small.” Best enjoyed in a tulip glass or sniffer, the Hand of the Queen has a high alcohol content, at almost 11%. The flavors are fruit forward with notes of raisins, apricots and other dark fruits (possibly fig). This beer is definitely a sipping beer, maybe enjoyed on a quiet evening while contemplating life.

The second beer in the series is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Inspired by Cersei Lannister, this beer is a combination of a Belgian sour ale and a Belgian-style blonde ale. While this beer isn’t released until June 29, the beer is said to be a “dry blonde ale with a subtly tart Belgian sour.” The flavor combination is slightly curious. Even though sour beers have become more popular, some sour beers are too acidic forward. Hopefully the dryness from the ale balances the tartness.

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, photo provided by Ommegang & HBO

The two remaining beers in the Royal Reserve Collection have yet to be announced. While the remaining beers are set to be released later this year, people can speculate on the types of beer that could be coming. Given the fall and winter release dates, the remaining beers could be seasonally inspired. A heavier ale or stout could be a strong possibility. Until additional details are released, fans and beer lovers will just have to keep wondering.

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The Royal Reserve Collection beers, Hand of the Queen and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, retail for approximately $12.99. Hand of the Queen is available at various retailers. BeerFinder can suggest a retailer.