Push Pop Gummy Roll ready to roll out some candy sweetness?


Who doesn’t love a Push Pop? The new Push Pop Gummy Roll makes enjoying a gummy candy totally interactive and lots of fun.

Announced today, the new Push Pop Gummy Roll is going to make eating gummy candy totally interactive and entertaining. Instead of just popping a gummy in your mouth, this new novel product encourages a little play.

Bazooka Candy has launched this candy innovation. With its patent-pending dispenser, the gummy candy is pulled off a roll. You decide the length by tearing off a piece. Then the rest can be left for later (if you can resist eating the whole roll).

This new candy is unique. At present, there isn’t a similar candy in the market. Bazooka should receive a lot of buzz with this new product launch.

One aspect that make Push Pops so enjoyable is the ability to eat some candy now and save some for later. The candy is interactive. Plus, what parent does appreciate a candy that can be put away and not spilled all over the place?

New Push Pop Gummy Roll, photo provided by Bazooka Candy

Adding this candy to Bazooka Candy Brand’s line is smart. The gummy candy market continues to grow. Gummy candy is considered one of the fastest growing candy segments.

According to Becky Silberfarb, Director of Marking for Bazooka Candy Brands, said that this candy appeals because of “great taste, uniqueness and being fun to eat.”

The new Push Pop gummy candy will be available in Strawberry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Berry Blast. These flavors are the best-selling Push Pop flavors.

These four flavors have a wide ranging appeal. They are classic flavors that both kids and adults appreciate. Overall, the flavors are sweet but not overly sugary.

This new candy joins Bazooka brands other recent launches. At last year’s Sweet and Snacks Show, the brand showed the Ring Pop Gummy Gems and Baby Bottle Pop Gummy Blast. These recent releases also have an interactive element.

These candies do well because it brings out the fun and enjoyment of eating candy. In some ways, candy makes everyone feel like a kid. Who didn’t smile when she got a piece of candy as a treat?

The new Push Pop Gummy Roll candy will join the other Bazooka candies. They will be available at retailers nationwide.

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Are you ready for a little candy fun? Get ready to push out some gummy candy and put a smile on your face.