The perfect beach beer is just a sip away!


With summer right around the corner, it’s time to answer one of the seasons most burning questions. What beer to drink at the beach?

The beach and beer go hand in hand. There’s something special about relaxing on the sand, waves breaking in front of you, and an ice cold beer in your hand. Yes, you need a beach beer.

It’s absolutely peak summer, and we have the perfect beach beer to take with you this summer. From citrus, wheat beers to colorful ales, there are so many beer options, you could try a different choice for every beach getaway.

Here are a few of our favorite beach beers.

Summer Ale by Samuel Adams

I’m a big fan of this summer ale. Blended with orange, lemon, and lime, this lightly spiced ale is ideal for warm summer evenings, watching the sun set over another perfect summer day. This is the best way to round out a beach day, or any day this summer.

Shore Thing by Blue Point Brewery

Blue Point’s newest lager is a creamy, and totally dreamy, beer. This light colored beer is brewed with a split of Pilsner malt and wheat, with a touch of local sea salt thanks to their friends at Amagansett Sea Salt Co. Even if you can’t get to the beach, this will make your tastebuds think otherwise.

Flamingo Dreams Nitro by Left Hand Brewery

Flamingo’s might as well be the official mascot of summer, if they aren’t already. This aptly named nitro is a beautiful blonde ale — that just happens to be pink. This drink is bursting with berry flavor, and is ideal for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd, and for fans of the color pink.

Rosalie by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 

Rosalie should absolutely be on your beach beer list this year. This light and crisp beer has roots in winemaking, making this a truly unique tasting experience. This beer even has a dash of hibiscus flower to give it a beautiful finish.

Tangerine Suncrush by Suncrush Beer

This is the quintessential summer beer. This sparkling ale is brewed with green tea, crushed tangerine, and other natural flavors. This is basically sunshine in a can, and your tastebuds will thank you for getting this.

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While our list has some great beers in it, we want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below what you’re drinking at the beach this summer. Cheers!