Samuel Adams Summer Ale: More citrus flavors make for a bright summer


Ready for a frosty, cold one? Samuel Adams Summer Ale has boosted the flavors in this updated recipe and summer is looking brighter.

Summer and bright flavors go hand in hand. The updated Samuel Adams Summer Ale embraces many flavors associated with the warmer weather. Whether enjoying a cold beer during at a barbecue or watching the fireworks, this updated recipe will make you wish for fall never to come.

Summer ales usually are a light bodied beer. While not a lager, these beers often feature citrus flavors and sometimes floral hops. In many cases, summer ales are also wheat beers.

Samuel Adams offers a variety of seasonal beers. While the traditional Samuel Adams namesake beer is enjoyable 365 days a year, the seasonal varieties offer beer fans options. From exploring beer and food pairings to just enjoying something different, a seasonal beers get beer fans excited.

Since the seasonal offerings are limited, beer drinkers need to get their fill of these beers before the next offering hits store shelves. While some people might want to stockpile a few extra 6-packs, remember beer isn’t like wine. Aged beer may not be as tasty as you remember.

Over the years, Samuel Adams has released its Summer Ale. This American Wheat Ale has quickly become a favorite with many beer drinkers. There is something quite refreshing to this ale and it seems like the perfect quencher on a hot, summer day.

In some ways, this beer is similar to a traditional German Hefeweizen brewed beer. The notes of orange blended with the hops makes for a crisp wheat taste. In a way, it is a very drinkable beer.

For this year’s release, Samuel Adams changed its brewing formula slightly. While not a dramatic change, the citrus blend is lighter, almost more rounded in flavor. While there are blends of orange, lemon puree and lime, this beer has a hint of sweet and note of tart. That combination makes the beer drinker go back sip, after sip, after sip.

In a way, the change in formula reflects the change in the beer industry. Citrus forward, even fruit infused beers, are becoming more popular. Today, numerous craft beers feature all types of berries, citrus and even some other exotic fruits.

Similar to how foodies are expanding their recipe palates, people are more willing to expand their beer palates. They want that beer drinking experience to push flavors forward. Beer isn’t about chugging; it is about enjoying and tasting.

With summer and warm temperatures already here, the Summer Ale is a perfect beer to enjoy during those fun filled weekends. From the beach to the backyard, this ale can go with all types of food.

While Samuel Adams recommends this beer with items such as guacamole, summer salads and seafood, I would recommend smoked ribs or even barbecue chicken. Consider finding a barbecue sauce with a subtle smoke flavor. The sweetness of the beer’s malt can play off the smokiness. Just like a punch of acid can brighten a dish, the citrus from the beer can lighten the rest of the meal.

Although Samuel Adams says that this beer could even been paired with some sorbet or Key Lime pie, I might just skip dessert and crack open another beer instead. Sometimes the sweetest part of summer is enjoying those special treats that are around for just a short period of time.

The Samuel Adams Summer Ale is available now through mid-August bottle and can options.

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Are you ready for a sip of summer? Time to enjoy a refreshing Samuel Adams Summer Ale before the long, summer nights slip into a faded memory.