Corona Refresca: Taste of the tropics brings the ultimate refreshment


Have you tried the new flavorful Corona Refresca? With one sip, you might feel transported to the perfect tropical flavor sensation.

A taste of the tropics is the best description for the new Corona Refresca. These flavorful, malt beverages are a slight departure from the popular beer brand. Embracing popular flavor trends, this premium alcohol refresher could become your favorite new beverage.

Recently, tropical flavored beverages have been filling store shelves. From hibiscus teas to exotic fruit infused smoothies, old-school flavors are taking a back seat.

Even alcoholic beverages are influenced by these tropical flavors. From nuanced cocktails to pre-mixed, canned drinks, tropical flavors are everywhere. If you aren’t sipping one of these beverages, you aren’t part of the food and beverage trend.

Overall, consumers are looking to these flavor forward, malt-beverage style choices. After seeing the rise of alcoholic sparkling waters and increased availability of canned wine, these flavor forward, drinkable alcoholic beverages have taken over store shelves.

Corona Refresca, three tropical flavors, photo provided by Corona

Still, consumers often gravitate to brands that they know and trust. Since people love their cold Corona while relaxing on a sandy beach, they might be more inclined to try a new beverage from a brand that they trust.

Ann Legan, Vice President of Marketing for Corona. “This expansion of the brand is anchored in Corona’s carefree lifestyle and inspired by the tropics, helping fans pause and celebrate the moments that truly matter with a new flavor-forward beverage in-hand.”

The Corona Refresca has three flavors in the line. Those flavors are Guava Lime, Passionfruit Lime and Coconut Lime. These flavors vary from quite approachable to a little more daring. The connection to both tropical flavors and tropical destinations is quite clear.

With each of the three flavors featuring lime, that choice is interesting. Lime can be both bright and slightly tart. Given the other tropical fruit flavors, the lime should keep the flavor balanced.

Additionally, the combination of lime with some of these fruit flavors is a little daring. While lime and coconut is approachable, the lime and guava is bolder. Guava is an extremely popular flavor in some cultures and countries. Bringing it to this beverage expands the audience.

Lastly, these beverages seem to keep the sweetness level in check. While tropical influenced drinks can be fruit forward, no one wants a cocktail that is overly sweet. By balancing the sweet, this drink becomes the perfect sip on a hot, sunny day.

The Corona Refresca is available at various retailers. Each 12 ounce can has 199 calories and a 4.5% ABV. The flavors are available in six-packs as well as a 12-pack variety option.

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Are you ready for a taste of the tropics? Corona Refresca might have you dreaming of your next tropical getaway.