14 Hands Cans, embrace the moment and welcome the adventure


Some of life’s best moments happen when the adventure begins. With 14 Hands Cans, the journey and the wine are perfect travel partners.

14 Hands has found its niche in the Washington wine scene. Recently, the 14 Hands Cans allows this fruit forward Washington wine to be part of any journey, anywhere, no corkscrew required. Are you ready to join the next adventure?

Every wine, winemaker and vineyard has a story. From the land that nourishes the vine to the passion that drives the winemaker, each of those details are infused into that bottle. Sometimes the story behind the grape is just as important as the wine in the glass.

For some people, the name 14 Hands might seem peculiar. Given the bottles’ and cans’ labels, the reference can be inferred. A “hand” is a measurement term for horses. For this brand, the name references the wild horses from eastern Washington. Building on that unbridled spirit, this wine finds it direction.

Specifically looking at this vineyard, 14 Hands is fruit forward wine. While not a “fruit” wine, the flavors profiles emphasize the underlying fruit characteristics in wine. From juicy whites to dark red fruits, these flavors make the brand’s wines approachable and quite drinkable.

Given the wine’s inspiration, the expansion into 14 Hands Cans is quite smart. Just like the horses who sought to ride free, these canned wines allow any wine drinker the ability to take wine on her next adventure.

The vineyard’s canned wine comes in several varieties. The currently available options are Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Bubbles. Any occasion, any reason and any justification, a can of wine is ready to be enjoyed.

14 Hands Cans, rosé, photo provided by 14 Hands

While each can is a traditional size, two cans does equal a full bottle of wine. Since you can’t necessarily re-seal a can of wine, it can be helpful to have a friend enjoy a can with you. If you are spending a leisurely afternoon sipping wine with a cheese plate, enjoying a can by yourself can be reasonable.

Canned wine is a growing food trend. Glass bottles can be inconvenient or inappropriate in some circumstances. Giving people a wine option that is easy and doesn’t require a corkscrew keeps a brand relevant.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the 14 Hands Cans, all three varieties. On a leisurely afternoon, with a little assistance from a friend, we cracked open a can and sipped away. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the balanced and approachable flavors in these wines.

Since rosé is always in season, and a delightful option for an outdoor setting, the rosé was the first can opened. 14 Hands rosé has notes of strawberry. Since this wine is Syrah based, it has a refreshing quality. While the finish highlights citrus, the overall feel is quite nuanced.

I would recommend enjoying this wine with a cherve or brie. Even, a nutty manchego could stand up to the rosé. As for a meal, a grilled chicken could be a nice option or a pesto pasta. Overall, this wine is a great example of all day rosé.

The second wine that I tried was the canned Pinot Grigio. Again, this wine highlights several fruit flavors. From pear to the aroma of green apple, the wine is quite crisp.

While 14 Hands recommends a seafood dish pairing, I would recommend pork. In my case, a smoked pork loin paired lovely with the slight sweetness from the honeysuckle.

Thinking about parties, outdoor gatherings or summer barbecues, the Pinot Grigio offers a wide range appeal. With flavors that the many people appreciate, this wine could be the “white wine” for your next big gathering.

Lastly, the Bubbles is a must for any and every occasion. Any day is a little brighter when there are some bubbles involved.

This sparkling wine has flavors of apple and a little citrus. Since the bubbles are delicate, it can be an aperitif, paired with a meal or even an after dinner sipper. Can anyone ever resist a glass of bubbles?

14 Hands and 14 Hands Cans are available at various retailers. While prices vary, it is reasonably priced.

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It is time to embrace the adventure that life holds. Open some 14 Hands Cans and toast to the moment well lived.