Champagne cocktails make the holidays merry and bright


Champagne cocktails are the perfect way to toast the holiday season. With a little bubbles and sparkle, everyone is feeling more festive with every sip.

The holidays are the perfect excuse to showcase impressive entertaining skills. While not everyone can be an expert party planner, champagne cocktails are a festive, and easy, way to add a little sparkle and bubbles to any event. With these holiday cocktails, everyone can toast the entertaining season.

Finding a cocktail that is special, yet appreciated by a large group isn’t always easy, especially during the holidays. The cocktail needs to have a little more vivacity than the traditional, classic cocktail that everyone enjoys. Still, the flavors need to be approachable to keep everyone engaged in the festivities.

Often during the holidays, champagne is the libation of choice. Bubbles always seem to indicate a party or special celebration. Sometimes even the champagne bottles, themselves, get into the holiday spirit.

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Just in time for all the celebrations, the new limited-edition Moët Impérial Brut ‘Art-de-Vivre’ holiday bottles are available. To celebrate these stunning bottles, Bronson Van Wyck and Nell Diamond created two signature cocktails that could be your new favorite champagne cocktail. While people in New York City can enjoy these two signature cocktails at Café Clover and other restaurants, Moët has graciously provided both champagne cocktails.

These two cocktails each have a unique flare. Van Wyck’s cocktail channels his party planning expertise, while Diamond’s cocktail offers a visually stunning appearance. Both cocktails are influenced by the Parisian style and have an air of sophistication. Truthfully, it is difficult to choose a favorite.

Moët Champagne O’clock, photo provided by Moët

Van Wyck’s cocktail is called Moët Champagne O’Clock. Since holiday celebrations are always ongoing, isn’t it always champagne o’clock? This cocktail focuses on favorite winter flavors. A spritz of clove provides warmth while the orange twist adds a touch of brightness, this champagne cocktail is quite soothing on a chilly, winter day. Plus, the hint of cognac adds a depth of flavor that any cocktail enthusiast will appreciate.

Here’s how to make Moët Champagne O’Clock.

"Moët Champagne O’Clock3.5 oz Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut1 oz Hennessy CognacDash of bittersGarnish with an orange twist and a spritz of clove atomizer"

Moët J’Adore Le Pop, photo provided by Moët

In Diamond’s champagne cocktail, Moët J’Adore Le Pop the mood is definitely more playful. From the pomegranate’s and raspberries’ bright red color to the pink Pop Rocks candy rim, this cocktail is flirty and fun. But, it isn’t just for the girls. Everyone will enjoy this vivacious cocktail.

Here’s how to make Moët J’Adore Le Pop.

"Moët J’Adore Le Pop4.5 oz Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut2 – 3 drops of pomegranate juiceGarnish with fresh raspberries and a strawberry Pop Rocks candy rim"

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Champagne cocktails are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. Bubbles always seem to add a little more sparkle to the holiday season. Cheers!