Summer sipping: 5 summer beverages that we had to drink this summer


Lazy summer days are all about summer sipping. These four summer beverages were the drinks of the summer.

As Labor Day officially announces an end to summer, everyone has one last chance to savor all the summer sipping. These four summer beverages are the drinks that quenched our thirst. If you haven’t drank one, grab a glass and drink up. Cheers!


Who didn’t drink a glass of rose this summer? Rose’s popularity has been firmly established. Occasionally, a twist on a favorite is just as enjoyable. The frose, frozen rose, filled many summer glasses. Even Lallapoolza joined the frose craze.

Now frose is expanding beyond its pretty pink hue. Disney Springs is buzzing with Amorette’s Patisserie wine slushee. Since it’s still warm in Florida, this red wine frozen cocktail is quite a refreshing choice. I would love to see them add some of the boba balls from Pandora’s cocktails (also seen at this year’s Festival of the Arts Prosecco cocktail). The combination would be even more fun.

Coke Zero Sugar

When a favorite product announces a change, fans get worried. But, the new Coke Zero Sugar is a great re-formulation. With new packaging and improved flavor, the Coke Zero Sugar is a definite hit. Incorporating the classic Coca Cola colors and design, this version is instantly identifiable.

Coke Zero Sugar has all the classic Coke flavor, but none of the extra sugar. Enjoyed with a burger or drunk on its own, it is a definite summer sipper. Plus, the fun small, aluminum bottles are cute for a party.

Canned wine

While not a new concept, canned wine has been showing up at barbecues, the beach and tailgates. As more and more wine companies offer their varietals in cans, drinkers are enjoying wine almost anywhere. These convenient, individual servings are perfect for summer sipping.

Coppola was the pioneer in canned wine. Their Sophia sparkling wine, with its straw, was a huge hit with ladies. Now, more and more companies are following suit. The canned wine phenomena seems to be a hit with millennials because of the convenience factor. No wine opener or glasses are needed. Each can has the delicious wine that drinkers enjoy in the bottle, but in a more convenient format.

Alcoholic sparkling water

Sometimes it can be too hot and humid to enjoy a hoppy IPA or wheat Hefeweizen. The growing popularity of alcoholic sparkling waters is with a wide variety of drinkers. The calorie conscious consumer enjoys the low sugar, low calorie alcoholic beverage. The craft beer drinker enjoys the lighter tasting alternative to a typical heavier beer.

Many of these beverages are quite refreshing. The citrus flavors are bright but not overly sweet. Either drunk on their own or as a floater to a cocktail, these beverages are becoming a party staple. Truly Spiked and Sparkling is a popular brand. These alcoholic sparkling waters are bright, crisp and refreshing.

Cocktail popsicles

Who doesn’t remember having a popsicle on a hot, summer day? Instead of the brightly colored sugar water, adults not enjoy cocktail popsicles. Basically, a cocktail popsicle takes a favorite cocktail and makes it frozen. Whether served on the stick or added to a glass of prosecco, these cocktail popsicles add a little levity to the summer fun.

Making cocktail popsicles aren’t too difficult. Even if the popsicles aren’t perfect, you can drink the mistakes. The Cocktail Couple created a few boozy popsicles that are my personal favorite. Even though they had a few mis-steps, the cocktail flavors are definite summer sippers. Whether it drips down your hand or you eat it was a spoon, taste is all that matters.

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Before summer fades into the brisk days of fall, enjoy a few summer beverages. Then again, if you’re missing the warm sunny days, these summer beverages could bring back a little summer fun any time of the year.