Can you make Prosecco doughnuts at home?


Prosecco is a popular beverage and prosecco doughnuts are now a thing. But, can you make them at home?

Everyone is talking about the prosecco doughnuts from The Doughnut Project. But, what if you’re not in New York City? Can you make prosecco doughnuts at home? Of course you can! Just don’t drink all the prosecco before you are done making them.
While I haven’t been to The Doughnut Project to try the original prosecco donut, I have been reading and watching the videos. The doughnuts look amazing. From the pink glaze to the gold leaf, the doughnuts are visually stunning.

These special doughnuts were made specifically for National Prosecco Day. Partnering with Ruffino, a popular prosecco brand, these doughnuts have become a sensation. These doughnuts do contain alcohol. If you can’t buy a bottle of prosecco, you can’t eat or make these doughnuts.

Looking at the doughnut making videos, it appears that the prosecco is in the doughnut glaze. Anyone can make a doughnut glaze. One of the best recipes is Alton Brown’s doughnut glaze recipe. Basically, the recipe is milk, confectioners’ sugar and vanilla.

Can you make prosecco doughnuts at home? photo by Cristine Struble

To create the prosecco glaze for the doughnut, the classic recipe is modified. The key is to have the right liquid to sugar ratio. The glaze shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Basically, reduce the milk by the amount of prosecco added. You might have to play around with the combination, but you can eat any mistakes.

Since the glaze isn’t really cooked, this doughnut isn’t for kids. The prosecco, the alcohol, isn’t cooked off. While I don’t think that you could get drunk off these types of doughnuts, the doughnut will have alcohol in the glaze.

For the doughnut part, you can use a cheat or kitchen hack. I can’t make my own doughnuts. Every time, I fail with the frying part. Instead, I bought some of my favorite plain, glazed doughnuts from my local doughnut shop. All I had to do is dip the doughnuts into my prosecco glaze.

Prosecco Doughnuts, photo by Cristine Struble

Side note, the glazed doughnuts that I used didn’t have a heavy, sugary glaze. If a doughnut has a really heavy sugar glaze to begin with, this kitchen hack may not work quite as well.

I enjoyed my final creation. I wouldn’t necessarily have them every weekend. These prosecco doughnuts would be fun for a brunch, baby shower or even a yummy dessert.

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