Jagermeister releases limited edition Slayer gift pack, perfect for the metal head in your life.


Jagermeister, the drink behind a lot of great nights, is celebrating the legendary band with this limited edition gift set. With Slayer on their final world tour, this is a great way to say goodbye to the band.

Slayer is one of the most iconic metal bands in the world. For decades they’ve influenced bands across the globe, and are currently in the midst of their world wide farewell tour. To celebrate, Jagermeister has released this limited edition gift set, perfect for every Slayer fan you know.

With only 100 made, this gift set will be pretty hard to find. The 1.75L bottle can even be engraved, and goes for around $126 USD.

While it is a bittersweet time for Slayer fans indeed, Jager is here to make sure you can make a few more fun memories before the band puts their gear away for good.

Jager has been one of my favorite drinks for years, though I prefer it mixed with something else. Here are two of my favorite Jager drinks, which also happen to be a great way to toast the legendary metal band. Trust me, these drinks won’t be painful, and will go down with a delicious smoothness.

Purple Stag

"1.7 FL OZ Jagermeister0.8 FL OZ Chambord25 ml of Berry Tea1 tsp Blackcurrant marmalade12.5 ml Gomme Syrup3 Fresh Blackberries to garnish"

Jager Ginger

"1.5 FL OZ Jagermeister1/4 Lime1-2 slices of cucumberCold Ginger BeerIce Cubes"

Of course, you can always shoot it without a mixer, which has been one of the best ways to enjoy Jager. Looking for a few more Jager inspired drinks? Head on over to Jager’s recipe page to try a few more.

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Will you be hunting for this rare stag? Have a Jager recipe you want us to try? Let us know in the comments below. Cheers!