Popeyes brings back fan favorite Hot Honey Crunch Tenders


Craving a little sweet heat? Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen brings back a fan favorite. Can you handle the sweet heat of Hot Honey Crunch Tenders?

Hot Honey Crunch Tenders are coming back to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. After a two year absence, the fan favorite is returning to the popular Southern-style chicken restaurant. Are you prepared for these saucy tenders?

Available for just a limited time, the Hot Honey Crunch Tenders offer the perfect combination of sweet and heat. The classic Southern-style crispy coating covers a seasoned chicken tender. Then, the tender is drizzled with a sweet and spicy Red Hot Honey Sauce. Lastly, it is topped with Hot Honey Dust.

The layers of flavors make these chicken tenders an explosion of tastiness. While the sweetness of the honey comes through, the heat packs a big punch. It isn’t overwhelming but it will perk up your taste buds and make you take notice.

Honey and heat is a classic combination. In some ways, the sweetness makes the heat seem more approachable. Although sweet does nothing to tame the flame, it does make you want to go back for bite after bite.

In a way, the honey and heat combination is becoming more popular. From beverages to desserts, this combination is finding its way to more menus.

One of the best ways to enjoy these Hot Honey Crunch Tenders is in a meal. A meal consists of three tenders, a signature side, a buttermilk biscuit and extra Red Hot Honey Sauce. Too bad you can’t buy some Red Hot Honey Sauce. It sounds perfect on a biscuit.

Consider splitting a biscuit and serving the tenders on it. The buttery goodness of the biscuit with the sweet heat is a perfect combination.

Although Popeyes does not have a menu item, Hot Honey Crunch Tenders on a biscuit, it should. This menu idea would be tastier than chicken and waffles.

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Are your taste buds prepared for the return of the Hot Honey Crunch Tenders at Popeyes? Better hurry and try them before they are gone.