Ben and Jerry’s hopes to get CBD infused ice cream to a freezer near you!


Ben and Jerry’s has been a fan of all things groovy for years, so it should come to no ones surprise that they would be hopping on the CBD train — so long as a hearing on May 31st goes in their favor!

On May 31st, the FDA is set to have a public hearing about legalizing CBD-infused food and beverages. This is a huge step for CBD users, and could potentially open up the door for countless companies releasing CBD-infused food and drinks to the general public. Ben and Jerry’s, the popular ice cream company,  is hoping the ruling goes in their favor.

CBD and cannabis-infused foods is a hot trend right now. With states across the country legalizing cannabis, Ben and Jerry’s hopes to bring a little love to their fans.

CEO Matthew McCarthy commented, “(w)e’re doing this for our fans. We’ve listened and brought them everything from Non-Dairy indulgences to on-the-go portions with our Pint Slices. We aspire to love our fans more than they love us and we want to give them what they’re looking for in a fun, Ben & Jerry’s way.”

The company hopes to use locally, and sustainably-sourced CBD from their home state of Vermont. Ben and Jerry’s push for CBD infused ice cream should come as a surprise to no one. After all, with popular flavors such as Bob Marley’s One Love, Cherry Garcia, Half Baked, and Wake and No Bake Cookie Dough, we kind of saw this coming.

Ben and Jerry’s hasn’t been afraid to step up and deliver to causes they believe in either. Their Resist flavor supports organizations that are working for a more equal and just future, specifically for marginalized people. Needless to say, this is one ice cream company I’m always happy to give my money too.

By tomorrow afternoon we’ll likely hear about the fate of CBD infused ice cream, and food in general. I would love to see this hot food trend be embraced by the FDA, and I can’t wait to see what the outcome is!

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