Top 10 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors are quite surprising


Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is one of America’s best-selling ice cream companies. Can you guess the top 10 ice cream flavors from the iconic company?

One of the most popular ice cream brands is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. In honor of July’s National Ice Cream Month, the iconic ice cream makers released their annual most popular pint ice cream flavors list. While everyone seems to have a personal favorite flavor, the majority of people have re-affirmed the top flavor is the same for another year.

Based on sales, the most popular Ben & Jerry’s most popular pint ice cream flavors are:

"1. Half Baked2. Cherry Garcia3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough4. Chocolate Fudge Brownie5. The Tonight Dough6. Phish Food7. Americone Dream8. Strawberry Cheesecake9. New York Super Fudge Chunk10. Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch"

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream top flavors photo provided by Ben & Jerry’s)

The top flavor, Half Baked, has been the favorite flavor for five years. The combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough and brownies is a hearty spoonful. While some people can eat a whole pint on her own, this ice cream flavor is quite decadent.

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The Half Baked flavor was part of the 2Twisted line. Along with Everything But The…, those two flavors were the only ones that continued on to be its own stand-alone flavor. Combining two classic flavors can be flavor genius, but it has to be the right flavors. In the case of Half Baked, the combination was definitely a winner.

Looking at the rest of the list, it is quite surprising that peanut butter flavors aren’t well represented. So many people love peanut butter and peanut butter candies. The slightly salty peanut flavors play well off the sweetness of an ice cream. I wonder why a peanut butter favorite didn’t break into the top 10 flavors.

The list seems to show that cookie dough is a food trend for the ice cream brand. The majority of the list has cookie dough somewhere in the ice cream choices. While cookie dough is great on occasion, it can be quite sweet. Maybe people are indulging in ice cream less frequently and are going all out on the decadence.

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As National Ice Cream Month approaches, which Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor will you choose to enjoy? I’m grabbing a pint of Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch. It may not be America’s top choice, but it is mine.