Cookout season is here, what is cooking on your grill?


Memorial Day came and went. It is officially cookout season. We will now commence fellowship over the grill with food, drink, and good conversation.

A good old-fashioned cookout has the ability to captivate its audience. Delicious food fresh off the grill brings any community together through savory hickory aromas, laughter, and a full belly.

Although, a cookout can become a challenge for a vegetarian host. On Memorial Day, I embarked on the Beyond Meat trend. My planned menu of veggie/mushroom kebobs was kiboshed after a simple visit to Whole Foods.

I was joyfully wandering the aisles in search of odds and ends to make the weekend palatable. The Beyond Meat display caught my eye due to a previous discussion on this new craze earlier in the week. It fit the intentions of the afternoon festivities, to fire up the grill.


Beyond Meat burgers and hot Italian sausages, skewered onions, peppers, zucchini, squash, and pineapple with “Mexican-style” street corn. The preparation was rather easy as the patties only required salt, pepper, and a pinch of cayenne. The vegetables required just a touch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. My neighbor prepared the street corn with a homemade spice rub. All that remained was to fire up the grill, cook, and serve.

This is where the joy of grilling comes alive. People with different skill-sets offer services that contribute to a harmonious day. All the while, everyone has set aside their differences to share in the camaraderie. The beauty of community is showcased within a good cookout, through teamwork and great communication. Food has the tendency of bringing out the best in people. This day honored that trend.

Next up, the meal

Everyone ate simultaneously while occasionally looking around at the expressions of our neighbors. There had been mixed reviews regarding the main course because everyone in attendance was aware of Beyond Meat by name only.

At that moment, everything changed. The rumors were true. Beyond Meats were really good, disturbingly delicious in fact. One by one each piece was devoured and gratitude filled the air. Beyond Meat made believers out of herbivores and carnivores alike.

The public discourse soon became the life of the party. This is what truly enhances a good cookout. The sharing of ideas, beliefs, and experiences that are supportive and encouraging for its intended audience.

Miller High Life, the champagne of beers, provided the assist to keep the ongoing conversations flowing through the night. Together, we celebrated an old pastime with new food experiences, cold beer, and life. Good friends, good food, and adult beverages can improve any scorching hot summer day and/or night.

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The next time you consider firing up the grill maybe Beyond Meats and cold Miller High Life can bring joy to your guests. Stay thirsty and eat responsibly.