Stanley Cup Finals STL Kitchen Menu shoots and scores with fans


With the Stanley Cup Finals underway, St. Louis and STL Kitchen Menu are tempting hockey fans away from the action with some scrumptious dishes. Who’s hungry?

In honor of the Stanley Cup Finals, STL Kitchen menu created some Cup-inspired fare for the occasion. There are 22 new Finals specialty dishes and beverages created by the culinary team.

Also, some fan favorite menu items has returned. Whether watching the action live or catching a Road Watch event, the Enterprise Center is the place to cheer on the Blues throughout the Finals.

Here are a few highlights from the Stanley Cup Finals from St. Louis’ Enterprise Center.

Big-as-your-head Beef Ravioli: This fan favorite will be a huge seller during the Finals. The baked and flashed fried ravioli is best enjoyed with spicy marinara. It is estimated that 29,400 raviolis will be sold during the Finals.

Big as your head ravioli, photo provided by Levy

The “Mac Schwartzy” Hatrick Mac & Cheese: This mac & cheese is far from boring. With a three-cheese sauce and a choice of buffalo chicken or slow smoked beef it is a hearty dish. Plus, the crushed local Riplet chips add some texture.

Kohn’s Kosher – The Gloria: Why just have a ribeye steak sandwich topped killer pastrami. Don’t forget the caramelized onions for a bit of sweetness.

Kohn’s Kosher – The Gloria, photo provided by Levy

Byrd & Barrel – Beat up Beantown Fries: These fries have a little of everything. With toasted ravioli, Provel cheese, baked beans and STL BBQ Sauce, these fries definitely require plenty of napkins.

Hi-Pointe Drive-In – The Fat Trick: A sporting event isn’t complete without a burger. This triple burger is topped with blue cheese, bacon, arugula and Donair sauce. Be prepared to take a big bite.

Stanley Cup Match-Up Hot Dogs: Could hot dog sales determine a Stanley Cup winner? The battle of the hot dogs just might come down to flavor preferences. The STL Dog is topped with pulled BBQ pork steak, Provel sauce and some green onion. The Boston Dog has pork belly, baked beans and peppadew relish. Who gets your vote?

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Which Stanley Cup Finals STL Kitchen Menu item gets your taste buds excited? If you get to try one, share a picture with us by tagging #FoodSided.