Do people really crave these crazy food combinations?


What are considered crazy food combinations? From unlikely flavor pairings to creative food mash-ups, are you prepared for some unlikely combo requests?

Do you love some crazy food combinations? Maybe you have a friend who loves to combine two foods that you would never think about putting together. Or, who doesn’t remember the woman who dunked her chicken tenders in soda or the whole peanuts in Coke debate. What makes a food combo request unusual?

Recently, Uber Eats compiled its Cravings Report. Since the brand is committed to always getting its customers’ orders right, the company has learned a lot about consumers and their food orders. In some ways, the company is becoming a food authority.

Many parts of the report are interesting. For example, on Saturdays orders tend to be extra spicy. Also, people often prefer onions on the side. Still, the most interesting list is definitely the crazy food combinations.

Granted everyone has a different palate. Sometimes food combinations are regionally inspired, family favorites or maybe just a little some particular craving. Still, the list will cause some debate.

Unusual food combinations on the Uber Eats Cravings Report, photo provided by Uber Eats

According to Uber Eats, the 10 most unexpected food and request combos are:

"1. Shake + Side of Ranch2. Mushrooms + Ketchup3. Apple + Mustard4. Tilapia + Cheese5. Poke + Mayonnaise6. Sushi + Cream Cheese7. Pizza + Nuts8. Steak + Tendon Only9. Salad + Watermelon10. Spaghetti + Extra Olives"

Looking at this list, a few items may not be overly controversial. Spaghetti and extra olives shouldn’t raise too many eyebrows. The same can be said about the salad and watermelon. Maybe these combinations are unusual for some, but many people wouldn’t be shocked.

Several other combinations are quite challenging. Who combines a milkshake with a side of ranch? Now, if you had some French fries included in the order, that ranch makes sense. Still, I can’t understand why anyone would put ranch in a milkshake.

Also, pizza and nuts seems like an unlikely combination. Of course, layers and textures make for an impeccable plate, but these two items don’t seem like a likely pairing. Maybe people wanted something salty on their pizza. I would like to suggest some olives instead of nuts.

Lastly, to the people who pair apples and mustard together, can you please explain this food combination? In a cohesive dish, I can see how apples, mustard and pork could be some of several ingredients. But why are people dipping their apples in mustard?

In many ways, the Uber Eats cravings report will have people talking. Maybe someone can comment on these food combinations or can share some unlikely combos that didn’t make the list. Just remember, food should be fun.

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Do you have a crazy food combinations that you crave? What do you think about this particular list?