Best French fry condiments that aren’t ketchup


Move over ketchup. These French fry condiments can be much tastier that that tomato based condiment. Who’s ready to get dipping?

What’s on your French fries? Something the best French fry condiments aren’t the traditional ketchup. Sure, the tomato condiment is always tasty, but what about expanding your flavor horizons? Grab a basket of your favorite fries and start dipping.

Here are FoodSided’s best French fry condiments, in no particular order.
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Ranch seems to pair well with almost any food. From chicken wings to hamburgers to salads, this condiment is always in use. Why not add that taste of creamy, tangy goodness to your French fries.

2.Honey mustard
The sweet, yet spicy flavor of honey mustard makes it a great choice for French fries. Sometimes the tanginess of the mustard cuts the fat from the frying. Also, if you like honey mustard on your chicken nuggets, you will probably love it on French fries.

What probably started as a joke is one of the best French fry pairings. The sweetness of the milkshake and the salt on the French fries make this combination a must try. Sure, it is a calorie bomb, but the occasion cheat day isn’t that bad for you.

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4.Barbecue Sauce
Sure, barbecue sauce is close to ketchup. Still, barbecue sauce has a smoky flavor that adds depth to this condiment. Depending on the brand, the barbecue sauce has a layers of spice that add a punch of flavor to the fries.

What’s one of the reasons that poutine tastes so good? Gravy on top of French fries is awesome. While the cheese curds are an added bonus, the gravy brings back memories of mashed potatoes and gravy. Why not have a fun version of that flavor combination with some French fries.

Previously, FoodSided covered our love for the Korean fermented red chili paste. On French fries, this condiment adds delicious umami flavor. Even if you mix gochujang with ketchup, we won’t scold you.

7.Mayonnaise & Sriracha
For people who enjoy the heat, sriracha is a favorite condiment. Since sriracha alone on fries can be a little overpowering, try mixing it with a little mayonnaise. The tangy sauce is quite tasty. You might even want to try it on your hamburger.

8.Cheese sauce
Forget cheese sauce on nachos when you can have cheese sauce on French fries. The ooey, gooey cheese sauce makes French fries a decadent treat. A fork might be needed to eat this dish.

9.Sweet and Sour Sauce
At least a few fast food places still have sweet and sour packets available. If you can find a couple, try dipping your fries in this sauce. The blend of flavors is quite delicious.

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What’s your favorite French fry condiments? It’s ok to say ketchup; we don’t judge. Maybe just try a new condiment one time. It might be a whole new French fry flavor