Most iconic foods across the 50 states, got a fork?


What are the most iconic foods across the 50 states? Grab a fork, a big appetite and a sense of food adventure to take this food journey.

Who doesn’t like a good food trip? Can you think of the most iconic foods across the 50 states? While everyone has a favorite food, must try food or even a cringe worthy food, a state’s most iconic food needs to be directly tied to that state. From a native ingredient to a food that everyone loves, each state has a food that you have to try when visiting that state.

Flavored Nation has compiled its list of 50 foods/dishes that represent the 50 states. This most iconic dishes were compiled by a group of food entertainment veterans and culinary experts. While some of the dishes are recognizable by the majority of people, a few dishes are definitely more local delicacies.

50 states most iconic foods, photo provided by Flavored Nation

Here’s Flavored Nation’s 50 states most iconic foods.

"Alabama – Fried green tomatoesAlaska – Reindeer sausageArizona – ChimichangasArkansas – Fried CatfishCalifornia – Southern California Fish TacosColorado – Pueblo Chile RellenoConnecticut – Warm Lobster RollDelaware – Scrapple SlidersFlorida – Key Lime PieGeorgia – Peach CobblerHawaii – Plate Lunch with Kalua Pig and Pineapple RiceIdaho – Finger SteaksIllinois – Deep Dish PizzaIndiana – Breaded Tenderloin SandwichIowa – Corn DogKansas – Sour Cream and Raisin PieKentucky – Hot BrownLouisiana – GumboMaine – Cold Lobster RollMaryland – Crab CakeMassachusetts – New England Clam ChowderMichigan – Coney DogMinnesota – Wild Rice SoupMississippi – Mississippi Mud PieMissouri – St Louis BBQ Pork SteakMontana – Bison Burger with Huckleberry BBQ SauceNebraska – Runza SandwichNevada – Prime RibNew Hampshire – Pumpkin SoupNew Jersey – Pork RollNew Mexico – Enchiladas with Christmas on the sideNew York – Buffalo Chicken WingsNorth Carolina – Pulled Pork w/ East Carolina Vinegar SauceNorth Dakota – KnoephlaOhio – BuckeyesOklahoma – Fried OkraOregon – Marionberry PiePennsylvania – Philly CheesesteakRhode Island – Johnnycakes with Maple SyrupSouth Carolina – Shrimp and GritsSouth Dakota – ChislicTennessee – Nashville Hot ChickenTexas – Chicken Fried SteakUtah – Artisanal ChocolateVermont – Cheddar Cheese Apple PieVirginia- Old Dominion Ham BiscuitsWashington – Cedar Plank SalmonWest Virginia – Pepperoni RollsWisconsin – BratwurstWyoming – Bison Meatballs"

A quick glance at this long, impressive list makes me feel like quite a foodie. While I don’t want to brag, I have eaten the majority of these iconic foods. Some of the foods on this list are common. Who hasn’t had deep dish pizza (even if it wasn’t in Chicago), Key Lime Pie, bratwurst or even fried okra?

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Looking at this list, there are several foods that I would love to try. While I have tried many types of game meat, I have never had reindeer sausage. I wonder if someone from Alaska could ship a case down to the lower 48.

A few items on this list stumped me. I had never heard of a Runza sandwich, but I definitely want to try one. The Russian style sandwich is a yeast dough stuffed with beef and cabbage. No, this sandwich is definitely not a Hot Pocket.

Nebraska Runza Sandwich, photo provided by Flavored Nation

Of course, this iconic foods list is meant to be fun. Everyone will debate why each of these foods were chosen by the experts. Isn’t it just better to eat your way through the list than argue about it?

While taking a food road trip can be a lot of fun, traveling across the U.S. in search of all these special foods may only be feasible for a food television personality or someone with deep pockets. I would rather think of this food list as a great reference piece.

Many of us travel for work, family obligations and sometimes for fun. While finding a great restaurant recommendation can be easy, getting a definitive answer on a specific area’s best regional food is more difficult. For example, a trip to New Orleans could have you wondering if you should eat gumbo, beignets or low country boil. With this list saved, you can look at a menu and find a local favorite.

New Jersey pork roll, photo provided by Flavored Nation

Hopefully, this list and the Flavored Nation conference will spark a conversation about real, approachable regional food. If you have never had a hot brown or scrapple, you should try it. Don’t let a name or a pre-conceived notion sway you. Or, don’t get stuck in a food rut. Everywhere has a hamburger and French fries. You can’t get pork roll in Florida.

For those foodies who want to join the food conversation, the Flavored Nation conference could be a fun summer trip. Held in Ohio this August, the conference will have all these 50 iconic foods under one roof. If you attend, you better bring a hearty appetite to taste all these delicious offerings.

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If you don’t get to attend this new food festival, don’t fret. Keep this most iconic foods across the 50 states list. Just like that trip bucket list, make this list your food bucket list. Who’s ready to start crossing some of the foods off the list?