Godiva brings its scrumptious chocolate to the baking aisle


Godiva creates the most decadent, scrumptious chocolate and truffles. Now, those signature treats are inspiring some tempting desserts that you can bake yourself.

Do you aspire to always eat dessert first? Godiva and its impeccable chocolates and truffles are a must for any chocolate lover. One whiff of those delicious treats can make anyone given into the temptation.

While a simple classic piece of chocolate or a decadent truffle is always a delightful treat, Godiva is expanding into the baking aisle. In partnership with General Mills, the brands have launched four baking mixes that will have turning on your oven now.

The four baking mixes/desserts are: Molten Lava Cakes, Brownie Cheesecake Swirl, Raspberry Chocolate Torte and Flourless Chocolate Torte. Each mix features 72% Dark Godiva chocolate callets and required a few additional ingredients (like eggs and butter). Plus, each dessert comes with a special, disposable baking dish.

All four desserts were inspired by signature Godiva truffles and chocolate pieces. From the Raspberry Ganache Twirl to the Cheesecake Truffle, the connection is apparent. More importantly, each dessert showcases the commitment to creating a superior, quality baking product.

In many ways, these baking mixes give the home baker a chance to explore elevated desserts in an easier way. While many people would love to make a lava cake from scratch, it can be difficult to master. These baking mixes take the guess work out of the baking process.

These products were showcased during the annual Sweet and Snacks Expo in Chicago. During a chat with representatives, they attested that these desserts came out beautifully every single time. Given the particular desserts, that statement is quite impressive.

Godiva flourless chocolate torte, photo provided by Godiva

Looking at the four dessert options, the Flourless Chocolate Torte will be a must try. Creating one of these cakes at home can be quite trying. The chocolate ratio, the cake density and the richness need to be perfectly balance.

Personally, I have failed at many flourless chocolate tortes. I am really hoping that this baking mix will help me master this dessert.

Overall, these baking mixes are a great way for beginning bakers, kids and families to learn the art of baking. By simplifying the process, the home baker can learn to appreciate the balance of flavors in an impeccable dessert. It could start a love affair with baking.

The Godiva premium baking mixes are available in most major grocery stores, including Walmart and Kroger. The suggested retail price is $4.99.

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Are you prepared for a bite of the ultimate indulgence? Godiva premium desserts will be your new chocolate obsession.