Betty Crocker Chilled Treats are perfect for summer parties


Need to cool off this summer? The new Betty Crocker Chilled Treats will be the quick, easy and tasty sweet treats that will you have to have in the house.

Have you seen the new Betty Crocker Chilled Treats? The newest dessert from the iconic brand, Betty Crocker, takes just minutes to make from start to finish. Are you ready to grab and spoon and dig in?

According to Betty Crocker, the new chilled dessert is a mousse-treat. Basically, the dessert takes about five minutes to make. Simply combine the mix and milk in a cup, then chill. Lastly, add the topping. The whole process is beyond easy.

With summer here, chilled, mousse desserts are a wonderful option. They are light in texture but big in flavor.

Also, being chilled makes these dessert quite refreshing on a warm day. Where other frozen desserts can be messy as they melt, these desserts are simple, easy and spill-proof.

The new Betty Crocker Chilled Treats are available in four flavors, Key Lime Mousse with Lime Drizzle, French Vanilla Mousse with Salted Caramel Drizzle, Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Ganache and Lemon Mousse with Lemon Drizzle.
Betty Crocker Chilled Treats, Key Lime, photo provided by Betty Crocker
While I haven’t had the opportunity to try these desserts yet, the French Vanilla Mousse with Salted Caramel Drizzle and Key Lime Mouse with Lime Drizzle would be my must try flavors. Truthfully, all four flavors sound tasty.

The French Vanilla Mousse with Salted Caramel piqued my interest because it should be sweet without being overly cloying. Salted caramel should be a lovely contrast to French Vanilla.

As for the Key Lime, this flavor needs to pack a big pucker punch. The best part of Key Lime is the balance of sweet and tart. Plus, this flavor can be perfectly refreshing on a warm, summer day.

Although each dessert is complete on its own, serving it with a shortbread cookie could be a nice touch. The combination of different textures can add to the overall dessert satisfaction.

The new Betty Crocker Chilled Treats are available at various retailers. Each box contains four servings.

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What do you think of this new Betty Crocker dessert? Which flavor would you like to try?