Wedding Cake Championship review: Which cake grooved to the beat?


In this week’s Wedding Cake Championship episode, the bakers felt the music and were inspired to create some dance inspired wedding cakes.

The Food Network baking competition is getting tougher on this season of Wedding Cake Championship. After last week’s puppet love, this week’s theme offered a little more creativity. Are certain favorites starting to emerge in this competition?

Last week’s premiere episode proved to be quite challenging for these baking duos. From the heat in the kitchen to the modeling skills needed to create authentic looking puppets, those wedding cakes were a tall order. In this week’s episode, could music soothe the frantic pace?

For this week’s cake topper challenge, the baking duos created musically inspired designs. Overall, the cake toppers were nice, but nothing was over the top. In many ways, the cake toppers had similar vibes to last week’s displays.

One aspect to this Wedding Cake Championship season that has been surprising is the commentary from the judging table. Last season seemed to have more expectations. From comments about height to the attention to detail, last year’s cake toppers appeared more impressive.

For the second week in a row, the team of Hemu and Ida won the cake topper challenge again. The judges seem to appreciate their adorable characters. While these characters are impressive, it would be nice to see some variety.

In the wedding cake challenge, the baking duos make a cake for a lovely engaged couple, who got engaged while dancing. Their video of the engagement even went viral.

Judges Maneet Chauhan, Randy Fenoli, and Kimberly Bailey with contestants Robin Cates and Shelby Bower during the Cake Round, as seen on Wedding Cake Championship, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

Phil and Ashley want a cake that is themed around dance. Also, Ashley wants cheesecake to be a featured flavor while the groom wants caramel. Lastly, the wedding is going to have a Hollywood Glam feel with red and black colors.

As winners, Hemu and Ida get 15 minutes of help from judge Kimberly Bailey. In a way, her help was quite valuable. While this team does well in the cake topper challenge, they seem to struggle in the wedding cake challenge.

In a way, many of the cakes were quite similar. Everyone seemed to have the silhouettes of dancing figures. Isn’t there another way to feature dancing?

Where the theme is mostly straightforward, the flavors were quite difficult. Putting cheesecake flavors into a wedding cake is rarely done. Finding the balance with the flavors is key.

Although the decorative aspect of these wedding cakes is key, the flavor combinations that they bakers can create need to be celebrated. Sure, the photo will last forever but the flavor is what impresses guests.

Erik and Traci need to be applauded for putting a whole cheesecake layer in their cake. Even though this team had problems with their fondant, the ambitious decision to tackle a cheesecake inside a wedding cake is definitely going big.

While Hemu and Ida had the help advantage, this team seems to be struggling in the main challenge. In some ways, their advantage paid off. Without Bailey’s suggestion (carving the cake down in size), this team would have been in even more trouble.

Looking at all the cakes, some aspects were similar in all the cakes. From pearls to dancing, it would have been nice to see something stand-out. Sure, there were some cakes with movement, but everything seemed a little rushed and generic.

Just as the cake topper challenge had a same outcome, the wedding cake challenge had a similar situation, too. The same teams were in the top positions again. Cara and Dana and Robin and Shelby had the top cakes.

In many ways, these two cakes deserved to be on the top. They were executed and had a sophisticated theme. While not perfect, they were better than the other three cakes.

Cara and Dana had wonderful movement in the cake. Although the cake wasn’t perfect (the gold medallions needed to be removed), it was the best wedding cake in the competition. They won another challenge.

Even with their advantage, Hemu and Ida’s cake was rushed and messy. It was a huge let-down from their cake topper win.

Erik and Traci took a huge risk with their “naked” cake and cheesecake filling but it paid off. This cake was a huge improvement from last week’s cake.

Ccontestants Traci Rankins and Erik Rankins with Host Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir during the Cake Round, as seen on Wedding Cake Championship, Season 2. photo provided by Food Network

But, sometimes the unexpected happens on a Food Network baking competition. In this case, Erik and Traci received some heartbreaking news. With a hurricane approaching their family and store, they needed to leave the competition.

Although this baking duo would have been safe this week, they had to leave the competition. It was a sad moment.

If Erik and Traci hadn’t left the competition, Hemu and Ida would have been eliminated. This baking duo should consider themselves extremely to go from first to worst. Hopefully, next week they can get it together.

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What do you think of this season of Wedding Cake Championship? Are these baking duos doing enough to impress the couple and the judges?