Can you sip the stress away? Canada Dry helps you sip into relaxation


Is your life filled with stress? This summer Canada Dry encourages everyone eliminate those stressful moments just one sip at a time.

Are you looking for your moment of Zen? Canada Dry has found that America cities are filled with way too much stress. While there are all types of stress-inducers, it seems that more and more people are becoming overwhelmed by stress. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a beverage and could just sip that stress away?

A recent study commissioned by Canada Dry showed that several cities are the most stressful places. These cities include: “New York City: Times Square, Chicago: The Loop, San Francisco: Tenderloin, Los Angeles: Hollywood and Highland Center, Dallas: DFW Airport, and Miami: South Beach.”

Looking at some of these cities, the high stress levels are assumed. Times Square is sensory overload, The Loop is crowded and who doesn’t get stressed in an airport. While being stressed on the beach seems unusual, maybe it is the pressure to look beach perfect that created that stress factor.

Whatever the reason, people are just feeling stress. Wouldn’t it be helpful if everyone could just find a moment of tranquility, even if it was just a moment? What if you could sip your cares away?

Canada Dry has been touting the idea that its beverage offers out of this world relaxation. For many, sipping on the Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade offers that moment of bliss in an otherwise crazy day. Don’t those stressed out cities deserve a sip of relaxation?

On Thursdays in June, people in the stressful locations listed above can seek some stress reducing sipping. Fans can receive “a coupon for a FREE Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Lemonade… by (tagging) @CanadaDryGingerAle in a geo-tagged selfie on Instagram using #CDThirstyThursday and #promo.” Hopefully composing the perfect selfie doesn’t create more stress.

This promotion is entertaining. Although I don’t live in one of these stressed-out cities, the concept of taking a moment to sip your cares away is important.

Sometimes just a little moment of Zen can make a difference during the day. Even if it is a 2-minute bathroom break away from your kids.

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Do you think that Canada Dry has stumbled onto a great idea? Have you tried to sip your stress away?