Sweet Lightning: MTN Dew creates a perfect pairing to KFC chicken


Craving a little sweet? MTN Dew and KFC are partnering on the ultimate food and beverage pairing. Are you prepared for a little Sweet Lightning?

MTN Dew has legion of fans. KFC has etched its spot in fast food history. Now the two iconic brands are joining forces to create a perfect food and beverage pairing. The Colonel’s 11 Herbs and Spices have met their perfect match. Is it truly lightning in a bottle?

According to MTN Dew, the new Sweet Lightning beverage features a “punch of peach and a touch of honey flavors.” Looking at this description, the beverage is slightly different from other flavors in the brand’s line-up.

For example, Baja Blast and even the new Liberty Brew, have more citrus forward flavors. In this special beverage, peach seems to get top billing. Could this beverage be a little sweeter than the other flavors?

Peach and Southern foods are a common pairing. Who hasn’t had a peach cobbler after a meal of fried chicken? Sure, that statement might be a little overreaching, but the stone fruit is often associated with Southern food.

Also, peach can balance herbs and spices well. The fruit works well with pepper, thyme and various other herbs. It makes sense that it would pair well with the Colonel’s signature 11 herbs and spices.

Looking at the honey, that flavor makes sense as well. Honey and biscuits are a classic pairing. Everyone knows that KFC biscuits are a must with its fried chicken.

Adding honey for sweetness makes sense with the peach. The honey shouldn’t be overly sweet, yet it should create an inviting flavor that keeps you going back sip after sip.

Sweet Lightning is the first exclusive beverage for KFC. While MTN Dew launched Baja Blast at Taco Bell over a decade ago, the fried chicken brand is looking to make its statement with this beverage.

To get people excited the new beverage, Sweet, the MTN Dew pitch man convinces the Colonel that this Southern beverage is a must for his restaurants. Check out this video.

If you are looking to try this particular MTN Dew beverage, you will have to go only to KFC. The brands said that the beverage will be available nationwide by July 1.

Could this exclusive beverage ever hit store shelves? Probably not for a while. If Baja Blast is any indication, fans might be waiting a long time.

More importantly, this type of exclusive beverage pairing could become a food trend. If food and beverage brands can leverage partnerships, they could find an even larger audience. The possibilities are endless.

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Will you be going to KFC to try the new MTN Dew Sweet Lightning? FoodSided will be on the lookout for it and will share our thoughts once we get a sip.