Best Baker in America “Tiny and Tall Desserts” episode preview


In this week’s Best Baker in America episode, the bakers must be creative in both big and small ways. Which baker can master both sizes of desserts?

Best Baker in America is nearing the finish line. In this week’s episode, the bakers must think both big and small. Will one baker see their baking dream topple before their eyes?

According to Food Network, this week’s episode, “Tiny and Tall Desserts” synopsis states:

"It’s the last chance to get into the finale and host Scott Conant challenges the four remaining bakers to make miniature versions of two pastry classics. In the Master Challenge, they each create a tall dessert of their choosing with at least 12 solid layers and sesame as the featured flavor. Pastry chef Nancy Silverton joins judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid to decide which three bakers move on to the finale."

For the Skills Challenge, the miniature dessert could be quite interesting. In a way, these miniature desserts are like an amuse buche. In one perfect little bite, the dessert needs to impress. All the flavors need to meld and be perfection.

Additionally, this challenge requires a deft hand in decoration. Just being tiny doesn’t make it pretty. There needs to be a few smart choices.

In the Master Challenge, the bakers need to be smart in their dessert choices. A 12 solid layer dessert will need planning and structure. No one wants to have the great leaning dessert.

With the added challenge of using sesame as a featured ingredient, the bakers might have a difficult challenge ahead of them. Although sesame can a tricky ingredient, it can offer amazing flavor and texture when done well.

Looking at the four remaining bakers, Joshua and Eric have been strong in the competition. Although nothing is guaranteed, they have been producing strong, creative desserts all season.

Marian has struggle and this week’s challenges could prove difficult for her. While it would be nice to see at least one woman baker in the finale, can she earn the spot?

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Date: Monday, June 17, 2019

Start Time: 9 p.m. ET

Episode: “Tiny and Tall Desserts”

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