Explore African cuisine with these DOLE Lion King inspired recipes


Thanks African cuisine offers a variety of flavors and ingredients. These DOLE Lion King inspired recipes make it easy to experience new tastes.

While everyone is familiar with the Disney classic, The Lion King, African cuisine might not be featured on the dinner table. Although the flavors and ingredients can be quite approachable, some families may not be familiar with recipes. Luckily, these DOLE Lion King inspired recipes.

As part of Powering the Hero Within campaign, DOLE created several recipes inspired by Disney’s The Lion King. These recipes range from easy, fruit filled desserts to creative spins on traditional dishes. Most importantly, these recipes allow families to explore new dishes and flavors in an approachable way.

Included in some of these recipes are nods to African cuisine. For those unfamiliar, the flavors and ingredients of African recipes are not overly exotic. In many ways, these recipes are similar to family favorites, just in a slightly different variation.

African inspired recipes tend to be a combination of cuisines. Since parts of Africa are influenced by several cultures, the food tends to express that diversity. Some people might consider it a melting pot.

Since my family has previously traveled to Africa, we are always looking for ways to recreate those precious travel memories. Sometimes a particular spice or a traditional dish can be the perfect way to reminisce about a special travel experience.

Peri Peri Grilled Chicken recipe, photo provided by DOLE

Looking over several of the DOLE Lion King inspired recipes, one particular recipe instantly captured our attention. The Peri Peri Spicy Chicken is one of those iconic recipes that instantly brought back all those travel memories.

Peri Peri is traditional African sauce. Generally it is spicy, flavored with bird’s eye chilis, peppers, onions, garlic and lemons. While the flavor varies, it generally packs a big punch of flavor.

In the DOLE version of this Peri Peri Spicy Chicken, the flavor is quite approachable. While the recipe recommends using ground red pepper, our family modified with some serrano chilis for a spicier version.

Overall, this Peri Peri chicken recipe is delicious for summer grilling. It offers a bright, fresh flavor that is perfect on a warm day.

If you want to add to the African experience, try pairing this chicken with some mashed mint peas. Even if peas aren’t in season, the combination of peas and mint are perfect with Peri Peri Spicy Chicken.

For families who want to take their culinary adventure on a more moderate journey, the Serengeti Superfood Paleo Pizza is a delightful choice. This pizza features harissa, a staple in many African recipes.

Harissa is a North African hot sauce. It is often used in curries and stews to add big, bold flavors.

In this recipe, the harissa is used as a sauce for the pizza. Loaded with vegetables, this recipe is a great swap for traditional Friday night pizza.

Dukkah Crusted Tuna, photo provided by DOLE

For very adventurous, the Dukkah Crusted Tuna will be the recipe to try. Dukkah is an Egyptian spice mixture. The flavor is very nutty, but pairs wonderfully with fish.

This Dukkah Crusted Tuna is an elevated dish. With the spice blend crusting the fish, the flavor balances the fattiness of the tuna. Paired with the crisp plantain chips and brightness of the cilantro-avocado dressing, this recipe will impress even the most difficult foodie in your family.

These DOLE Lion King inspired recipes are just a few of many recipes that are part of the Powering the Hero Within program. Exploring these recipes can be a wonderful way for families to try new flavors, combinations and ingredients.

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Are you ready to explore African cuisine? Which DOLE Lion King inspired recipes do you want to try?