Tastiest Bites from the College World Series scored with foodies


While the action was fierce on the baseball diamond, the College World Series tastiest bites satisfied both foodies and fans alike.

Sporting events are becoming foodie experiences. Looking at the year’s College World Series tastiest bites, the plain hot dog and box of Cracker Jack is a distant memory. Today’s sports fans want flavorful, creatives and over the top bites that satisfy on all levels.

This year’s College World Series in Omaha served up some amazing food options. While some of the menu items built on the familiar, these dishes were definitely worthy of an elegant restaurant. In some ways, this food almost overshadowed the play on the field.

While all the menu items were spectacular a few choices were clear standouts. With Levy Restaurants spearheading the food offerings, sports fans knew that they were in for a culinary experience.

Here are FoodSided’s tastiest bites from the College World Series.

Pork Wings

Move over chicken wings, these pork wings will satisfy the hungriest of appetites. Glazed in a signature BBQ sauce, these wings were definitely finger licking good.

Lobster Truffle Fries, photo provided by Levy Restaurants

Lobster Truffle Fries

Everyone knows about lobster mac and cheese, but these fries are the ultimate combination of comfort food and elegant food. The fries were topped with black truffle salt, then it was covered with lobster cheese sauce. With a sprinkle of chives, these fries had you thinking why didn’t you think of this food combination before?

Pimiento Cheese Pretzel Bites

Pretzels and a ball game are a classic combination. These pretzel bites take a twist on the tradition. With warm pimiento cheese sauce, the flavor balance is definitely a homerun. Plus, the bites are topped with bacon. Can you ever go wrong with more bacon?

Rosemary Apple Pork Burger, photo provided by Levy Restaurants

Rosemary & Apple Pork Burger

Sometimes a traditional burger is just too old school. This pork patty twist will have you re-thinking that summer barbecue. The pork patty has fresh rosemary, bbq mayo, cheddar cheese and some peppered bacon. The most unlikely ingredient is the crispy fried apples. It is definitely a flavor experience that any foodie will want to re-create at home.

These menu items were just a few of the many offerings at this year’s college world series. From Colossal Tots to the Wonderboy Dog, there was an option for everyone.

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What was your College World Series tastiest bites? Could you even pick a favorite?