Should Pride Celebrations spread the love beyond Pride Month?


As the Pride Celebrations and Pride Month comes to a close, should some of the tasty cocktails, desserts and treats stay around all year long?

Throughout Pride Month and at various Pride Celebrations, numerous restaurants, bars and brands celebrated love. As the rainbow flag was raised high, food and beverages celebrated with their own version of celebration love for everyone. In a way, wouldn’t it be nice if these specialty items found a permanent spot in the food world?

From New York to Chicago to Las Vegas, some of the biggest named restaurants, bars and resorts celebrated love. While the colorful creations were specifically for Pride Month Celebrations, many of these dishes, drinks and treats were outstanding.

Although June might be coming to a close, FoodSided would love to see some of these special treats continue all year long. After all, love is universal and everyone should celebrate always.

Here are some Pride Celebratory foods that we would love to see all year long.

MGM Resorts

Did you know that MGM Resorts was named one of the best places to work for LGBTQ Equality by Human Rights Campaign. The resort had many Pride themed items. A few of our favorites were Rainbow Carnival, PRIDE Stack, The Christopher Street Croissant, the Prickly Pear Cheesecake and the Mood Ring cocktail.

For example, the Prickly Pear Cheesecake at Border Grill is the perfect summer time treat. The graham cracker crust holds a delicate mango puree and kiwi dragon fruit salsa. From the brightness of the colorful fruit to the tanginess of the fruit flavors, each bite will have you feeling the love.

Actually, the Mood Ring cocktail is always available at CATCH. This cocktail is an absolute delight. The changing color cocktail is combines sweet, savory, tart and herbaceous in a single sip. If you don’t feel the love after one sip, you need to have a chat with yourself.

Shore Club in Chicago

The Frozen Rainbow Cocktails flights are the perfect sipper with the lake in the background. There are seven mini frozen cocktails. From a Cold Fashioned to a Spritizicle, these cocktails are perfectly refreshing. Couldn’t this flight be the perfect summer sipper on the lakefront?

Shore Club Pride Flight, photo provided by Shore Club

Bullfrog + Baum’s Follow the Float

The Bullfrog + Braum’s Follow the Float was a nationwide event that offered Pride-themed food and drink in support of GLAAD. From New York to Denver, the restaurants had guests #FollowTheFloat menus. These creations were both colorful and flavorful.

A few top choices were Katz’s Delicatessen’s Egg Cream Float, TAG Burger Bar Rainbow Root Beer Float and The Cantor Roof Garden Bar at the Met, Pride and Tonic. While the #FollowTheFloat promotion might be nearing the end, wouldn’t it be nice to keep the positive energy flowing?

These options were just a few of the many Pride Celebrations and Pride-themed foods that were served this month. With such positivity all around, wouldn’t it be nice to see some of those positive vibes continue?

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What was your favorite Pride themed food or celebration? Share some pictures with #FoodSided.