CHOPT ready to take your taste buds on a Summer road trip


Pack your swim trunks, curate the perfect playlist, and get ready to chow down, as CHOPT Creative Salad Co. takes your healthy appetite on a road trip.

CHOPT Creative Salad Co. goes on a tasty journey with some fantastic new American-inspired summer dishes. Next stop: flavor.

New for this season’s Summer Road Trip menu, menu include: the Key West Jerk Chicken Salad, the Georgia Summer Cobb, and the Tex-Mex BBQ Bowl.

Starting with the Southernmost salad, the Key West Jerk Chicken salad drums up Caribbean flavor by blending CHOPT’s legendary spicy jerk chicken, fresh jicama with lime, crispy shallots, grape tomatoes all expertly chopped into a romaine, cabbage & cilantro blend.

At only 240 calories, you can feel good spicing it up with the recommended creamy habanero dressing (130 calories).

This is a road trip, so we won’t dwell long. On to the Peach State, where they’re dishing up the Georgia Summer Cobb.

CHOPT’s creativity really comes into play here as sweet & smoky chicken, fresh peaches, summer corn, crispy shallots, blue cheese, pickled red onions are sliced and diced into a spinach and romaine blend.

I was recently able to grab this salad on a sizzling southern evening and it was simply divine. The peaches and corn add a sublime sweetness to balance strong blue cheese flavors. Paired with the recommended Honey Dijon Vinaigrette (130 calories), this salad is filling and flavorful at only 400 calories. You shouldn’t miss this summertime twist on the classic Cobb.

CHOPT Georgia Summer Cobb, photo by Weenz

Finally, we’ve put on a lot of miles, but the end is in sight as we check out the Tex-Mex BBQ Bowl. This heartier option features warm grains drizzled with Lonestar Ranch and topped with BBQ braised brisket, pickled red onions, jalapeno peppers, crunchy masa crisps and a cabbage-cilantro blend. Hope you brought your appetite because everything’s bigger in Texas.

Convenient and efficient mobile ordering at CHOPT makes these new offerings easy to include in any of your road trips this summer.

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Are you ready for a food road trip?  Happy trails, buckle up, and check out CHOPT for more.