Can you learn the secrets to Franklin Barbecue’s famous brisket?


Franklin Barbecue is a legend in the culinary world. Is there a way for barbecue enthusiasts to learn the brisket secrets from the barbecue genius?

Have you ever waited in line for a taste of the legendary Franklin Barbecue brisket? One bite will have you understanding why this award winning barbecue and chef is considered one of the best in the business. But, is there a secret to his low and slow ways? Can you learn from the master in a cooking class?

Aaron Franklin turned a passion for barbecue into an award winning career. His Austin based restaurant is a favorite with celebrities, chefs and foodies around the world. Now, Franklin is willing to share his secrets with other barbecue enthusiasts.

Anyone who has spent any time in front of a smoker understands that there is a large amount of trial and error to creating the perfect brisket. From the right wood to temperature to even seasoning, knowledge is key to creating a perfect brisket.

Since many people do not have the time to spend years honing their craft, a better solution is available. MasterClass offers an Aaron Franklin online course. This course will share his secrets of the low and slow method to creating his Franklin Barbecue famous brisket.

“Some people believe there’s a huge barrier to entry when it comes to learning how to barbecue, and that’s simply not true,” said Franklin. “We smoke 106 briskets every day and we’re still learning. In my MasterClass, I share the secrets I’ve learned along the way when it comes to smoking briskets and more – every detail from start to finish – how to trim, wrap, and even down to slicing it. I’m excited to bring my backyard to MasterClass.”

This online platform uses the world’s greatest minds to inspire, engage and educate people. For the foodie, the numerous chefs offer insight to making any meal a true culinary experience. It is part fandom and part education. Wouldn’t you want a culinary great to show up in your living room and share his secrets?

The Aaron Franklin class covers a variety of grilling and barbecue topics. From pork butt and pork ribs to brisket and bbq sauce, any aspiring pit master will want to watch this MasterClass over and over. While the class may not earn you a James Beard Award, your new barbecue skills will probably impress your friends.

An individual MasterClass costs $90 and an All-Access Pass is $180.

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The secrets of Franklin Barbecue’s famous brisket could be yours. Are you ready for your MasterClass?