Make a splash with 4 pool beers for the 4th of July and summer parties!


Summer, pool time and beers go hand in hand. But, which pool beers should you crack open before the summer fun fades away?

Ah, the glorious, refreshing pool beers. Shandies are dandy but liquor is…. wait!  We need these sessionable wonder beverages get through a hot day, but these beers keep us responsible enough to referee the evening fireworks (be safe, kids).

What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in.

While everyone might have their go-to summer beer, a few options were just too tempting not to open a can or two. In the quest to find the perfect, refreshing pool beer, we tried these particular four beers.

From a light lager to a radler and even an ale, both big names and craft beer favorites top this pool beer list. It was definitely an enjoyable afternoon sipping our cares away, but which one will you crack open this summer?

4 pool beers that are perfect for summer, photo by Weenz

Natural Light Naturdays, Strawberry Lemonade Lager (4.2% ABV)

Nothing could be more American than celebrating America with an American classic., America. But this is not your Daddy’s Natty: while America has collectively been obsessing over pricier craft beer and spiked seltzers, this value priced option is cooling right now in your grocer’s domestic section.

Natural Light Naturdays, photo by Weenz

This beer will be a pleasant surprise for most. It’s a well carbonated beer, jam packed with strawberry lemonade flavor, that won’t break the bank. At only 132 calories per 12 ounce can, it’s also a sensible pool side treat.

Beyond that, Naturdays aesthetic is so perfect for the pool (and Instagram) – keep this one ice cold and enjoy straight out of the can in your pink flamingo floaty.

Flying Dog Summer Rental, Grapefruit Radler (4.5% ABV)

Hopefully you’ve lined up a nice retreat to escape the heat this 4th, but if not, Flying Dog’s Summer Rental is here to help. Brewed with both passion fruit and grapefruit, I found this Radler to be the most subtle of the bunch, with a slightly dry finish.

Flying Dog Summer Rental, Grapefruit Radler, photo by Weenz

The floral notes of this beer really enhance the flavor. While I appreciated the can’s bright color scheme, you’re better off drinking this one out of a nice acrylic tumbler. NO GLASS IN THE POOL!

Goose Island SPF, Passion Fruit Ale  (5.5% ABV)

Lather up and hit the pool deck with this delightful ale that’s absolutely swimming in passion fruit flavor. The natural flavors of passion fruit really mesh well with the crispness of this ale. Goose Island‘s use of the sweetness of the fruit to balance the typical dry ale flavor is splendid.

Goose Island SPF, Passion Fruit Ale, photo by Weenz

Don’t get burnt: while the floral notes of this beer are quite good, the can is simply too beautiful to toss aside. What’s the point of being poolside if you can’t look fabulous doing it?

Bell’s Pooltime Ale, Belgian Wheat with Michigan Cherry Juice (5.0% ABV)

As George Washington once said, “I cannot tell a lie, I have to give cherry beer a try.” And with reverence to our greatest Founding Father, Bell’s and the great state of Michigan have sent us this lovely take on a Belgian Wheat.

Bell’s Pooltime Ale, Belgian Wheat with Michigan Cherry Juice, photo by Weenz

It was a toasty 96 degrees outside when I sampled and found the beer very refreshing. Wheat beers always work well in the heat and the gracious kick of cherry, that wasn’t too sweet, made for a nice pairing.

The color of this concoction is simply gorgeous. Ditch the can and enjoy your pool time!

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Celebrate responsibly and have a safe and happy 4th of July!