DK Metcalf keeps on chugging with his favorite Nesquik


Professional football player, DK Metcalf, knows that with his favorite Nesquik strawberry milk he can keep on chugging to victory.

DK Metcalf, the professional football player for the Seattle Seahawks, has found his secret weapon to keep on chugging. Nesquik has become his go-to beverage, specifically strawberry Nesquik.

As he gears up for the upcoming NFL season, Metcalf sat down with FoodSided to talk about his love of strawberry Nesquik, post-workout drinks and staying motivated.

Professional athletes are always looking for an edge. Whether it is the latest training technique, support from loved ones or a favorite food, those little extras can help them keep chugging when the road get tough.

In some ways, when an athlete has an affinity to something that is totally relatable, that athlete endears himself to everyone. When DK Metcalf shows his passion for Nesquik Strawberry milk, that athlete in all of us can relate.

Personally, as a parent of competitive swimmers, milk, specifically Nesquik chocolate milk, has been our recovery drink after long swim workouts. When I hear about Metcalf and his love of the strawberry flavor, I had to wonder, why strawberry. It might not be the most traditional option.

DK Metcalf knows that his strawberry Nesquik helps his to Keep on Chugging, photo provided by Nesquik

He said, “I like chocolate milk but when I was younger I tried Nesquik strawberry milk and vanilla milk and immediately started drinking both of those flavors on a daily basis. I am still a big fan of vanilla milk but there is nothing out there like Nesquik strawberry milk. I can drink it right when I wake up, pre or post gym, and at night before bed.”

The Nesquik brand does a great job with its flavored milks. As Metcalf said, the strawberry flavor is “bold.” Plus, in a way, the choice implies a little bit about the idea that being yourself, liking your own flavors, and staying focused on you is always a smart choice.

Additionally, this beverage is a great choice for athletes. Protein is essential for recovery and training regimes.

Specifically, Metcalf said, “Nesquik has 14 grams of protein, plus a lot of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of calcium. It’s delicious nutrition and always puts me in a good mood. Nesquik keeps me chuggin’ on and off the field.”

That idea of keep on chugging is essential to any athlete who wants to perform his/her best. Nesquik supports that idea. Metcalf said, “Nesquik embodies positivity and motivation and I know that with a lot of hard work, and a little Nesquik, I can power through anything.”

Now that he has begun his training with the Seahawks, Metcalf is ready to put in the hard work and keep on chugging. He said, “Recently, I’ve been digging in and doing my best to learn the pro game. There is a lot to perfect such as learning the play book, running routes, learning the different offensive schemes, sleeping and eating right, etc. As a rookie, I’ve got some work to do to get ready for my first season, but like any obstacle I’ve face in my life, I’m going to grind away and #KeepOnChuggin.”

That type of sentiment is an important example for young athletes. Earning your spot on the field, in the classroom or in your life’s path takes effort, determination and grit. As the old phrase says, if it was easy, than everyone would do it.

Nesquik helps DK Metcalf keep on chugging, photo provided by Nesquik

While the athlete can put in the work on the field, a strong support system is important to fuel their success as well.

For Metcalf, his family provides that support. His dad inspired his dreams and continues to support him today.

He said that his dad 100% encouraged him to dream big. “He played in the NFL and always pushed me to get to the highest level. He has always been a huge inspiration to me and helped motivate me in all aspects of the game.”

As Metcalf’s career NFL career begins, he knows that hard work, family support and his favorite strawberry Nesquik will keep him on the path to success. He said, “I’ve come way too far to give up. I’m just going to try to be the best at everything I do. This is just the beginning.”

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Are you ready to keep on chugging? Just like DK Metcalf, Nesquik can help you to keep moving forward to achieve your goals.